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Managing diversity

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Managing diversity

The Responsibility Strategy incorporates diversity to the business and management strategy of the Company and makes it a priority in the area of its diversity and inclusion actions.

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The Polenergia Group has been also a signatory of the Charter of Diversity since August 2019.

Diversity management is a business strategy which creates and promotes equal opportunities, appreciates the values hidden in cultural differences between people, and uses the diversity potential for the effective pursuit of the organization’s goals.

The Group began the implementation of the systemic approach to diversity with an extensive analysis of its conduct:
  • The Code of Ethics of the Polenergia Group fully complies with the principle of equality and non-discrimination on the grounds enumerated in Article 183a 1 of the Labor Code, which provides that employees should be treated equally as regards establishing and terminating an employment relationship, conditions of employment, promotion, and access to training in order to improve professional qualifications, in particular regardless of sex, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political views, trade union membership, ethnic origin, denomination, sexual orientation, as well as regardless of employment for a definite or indefinite term, or full-time or part-time employment.
  • Through the Work Regulations, Code Of Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, the Polenergia Group implements the principle of equal treatment of all employees. By implementing the Standards for its business partners, the Group promotes these values also among them.
  • The Polenergia Group introduced a procedure for notifying breaches of the principle of equal treatment both in the Group and among its business partners and established the Ethics Committee to consider such notifications.
  • The Polenergia Group ensures equal opportunities as regards access to senior positions and monitors the percentage of women holding the key positions in the Company head office
  • The use of maternity and paternity leaves as well as the percentage of returns to active work after giving birth to a child are subject to monitoring.
  • The Work Regulations enable remote work and flexible working These solutions are addressed to all employees.
  • The Company monitors the issue of equal pay for men and women.
  • The Polenergia Group delivers a series of diversity and inclusion training courses for its staff as well as a series of obligatory training courses dedicated to the equality policy and support for women’s development will be delivered to the management staff.

In 2020, the Polenergia Group joined Global Compact Network Poland’s „Equal Opportunities in Corporate Business” programme supporting female leadership in business. One of the project’s core issues is handling barriers to gender equality and setting relevant corporate goals in this matter. The programme included assessment using WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool. Gender equality awareness and regular revision of rules and policies help including diversity and culture in company’s operations. The Polenergia Group strives to ensure gender equality in corporate business by continuous work and engagement of all stakeholders.

Management Board total women men
under 30 years old 0% 0% 0%
30-50 years old 100% 20% 80%
over 50 years old 0% 0% 0%
TOTAL 100% 20% 80%
Supervisory Board total women men
under 30 years old 0% 0% 0%
30-50 years old 60% 20% 40%
over 50 years old 40% 0% 40%
TOTAL 100% 20% 80%

Senior management total women men
under 30 years old 0% 0% 0%
30-50 years old 64% 24% 40%
over 50 years old 36% 8% 28%
TOTAL 100% 32% 68%
Middle management total women men
under 30 years old 9% 3% 6%
30-50 years old 79% 33% 45%
over 50 years old 12% 3% 9%
TOTAL 100% 39% 61%
Other employees total women men
under 30 years old 14% 3% 11%
30-50 years old 61% 28% 34%
over 50 years old 24% 2% 22%
TOTAL 100% 33% 67%

Women Business Enthusiasts workshop

For the Polenergia Group, it is especially important to build a diverse team of male and female employees.

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