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Environmental impact

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Environmental impact

Polenergia is responsible for protecting the environment and developing sustainable society to ensure the well-being of present and future generations. The Group always implements its project in conformity with the highest social, environmental and ethical standards.

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Polenergia meets the requirements of its stakeholders with respect to the environment, health and security areas, which includes the requirements of financial institutions (Equator Principles, IFC standards). By consciously selecting projects that are environmentally-friendly, it has been building the trust of banks and financial institutions. It complies with the local and European environmental protection law, analyzes the impact of the property development, construction and operating activity on the environment, maintains its emission limits and keeps accurate reporting. It acts for the benefit of the new energy consumption model based on prosumers, electromobility and energy storage. In 2020, the Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant registered one inspection of the Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection. It focused on compliance with environmental protection regulations and administrative decisions and prevention of serious failures.

Key raw materials and fuels used in 2020:

Electricity and heat produced and sold in 2020:

Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant Mercury Power Plant
Electricity produced [MWh] 850,597.01 35,825.61
Heat produced [GJ] 439,495.039 0
Electricity sold [MWh] 833,253.208 31,273.783
Heat sold [GJ] 430,437.357 0

Water processed and reused in 2020:

Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant
Volume [m3] 14,548

Waste in 2020:

  Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant Mercury Power Plant
Hazardous waste [Mg] 0.748 0
Non-hazardous waste [Mg] 406.765 1.6
Hazardous waste [Mg] 407.513 1.6

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