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Employer in the industry of the future

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Employer in the industry of the future

Polenergia employs nearly 200 persons in all its companies. In the coming years, the Polenergia In the coming years, the Polenergia Group will pursue actions in the area of diversity and inclusion, which result from its CSR Strategy, and promote the diversity of its team.

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Employment (in full-time positions):


Workers Co-workers
Warsaw Outside Warsaw The whole Group Warsaw
Number of women 54 6 60 5 65
Number of men 57 72 129 7 136
Number of women in managerial/ directorial positions 15 1 16 5 21
Number of men in managerial/ directorial positions 20 11 31 6 37
Number of employees with disabilities 2 4

Organization of office work

Polenergia takes care to ensure that the office is a friendly place for both our employees and our business partners or counterparties who visit its premises. We provide our employees with a broad medical package and an option to have all their family members covered by it as well.  They receive also fringe benefits in the form of sports packages comprising a broad range of activities.

Employee training

Polenergia’s growth and competitive edge depend on how qualified our employees are. Great importance is attached to the Group employees’ education and training. As an employer, it provides its employees with opportunities to improve their qualifications by letting them participate in training courses, conferences, postgraduate studies or MBA studies. Polenergia delivers training on a broad range of topics to its staff so that the employees may choose the right kind of training for the requirements of their respective positions.

Beneficial to both the employee and the Company is the training in the so-called hard skills, e.g. learning foreign languages or use of computer software, and soft skills, such as time management or teamwork skills. In 2020 an external training course was organized for the Group leaders (top management, directors, supervisors) in strengthening the following competences, e.g. role of a leader, employee motivation, diversity management, teamwork and building the culture of dialogue. Also career development workshops “Entuzjastki” (Female Enthusiasts) were organized, dedicated to female employees holding independent and executive positions.

Employee compensation and hiring system

The employees are covered by transparent rules governing their compensation and fringe benefits, which takes into account the individual contribution of each employee as well as the performance of his or her team. The rules are provided in the Work Regulations, the Employee Compensation Regulations, and the Employee Annual Performance Assessment System. The Group employees are assessed by their superiors on an annual basis; as part of this assessment, the achievement of their personal objectives set a year earlier is verified and the results of such verification translate into the amount of an annual bonus.


of female and male employees of the Polenergia Group received work and career development assessment in 2020.

In the Group as a whole, the percentage of persons working under civil law contracts is very low. Such cases are confined to hiring under a contract of commission or a work product contract for the purpose of providing a specific service or executing a specific project. Polenergia enables employees to balance their work and private life by permitting, at their request, remote work, reduced working time or flexible hours.

In Polenergia Group the notice period for the employment contract is 1 month – if the employee was employed for at least 6 months, and 3 months – if the employee was employed for at least 3 years. In other forms of the employment contracts and notice periods the provisions of the Labour Code shall apply. There is no collective agreement in the Group.

Builiding the future team of leaders

In February 2020, at the Polenergia Group, workshops were held for male and female leaders to improve their team and project management skills.


Dialogue with female and male employees

The Polenergia Group respects every one for their individual contribution. Everybody, regardless of their period of service and position, may express their opinion and contribute to their team’s success.


Education of future human resources of the sector of the modern energy market

In 2020, Polenergia, one more time, started to cooperate with the Lesław A. Paga Foundation, becoming Strategic Partner of the 9th Edition of the Energy Academy, which was launched on 19 September 2020.


Annual evaluation of Polenergia Group

Annual assessment in the Polenergia Group means a dialog, setting objectives and development of male and female employees.


COVID-19 pandemic and the safety of employees

The 2020 employee satisfaction survey assessed the organization of remote working during the pandemic as very good. As many as 72% of female and male employees assessed it very positively.


Cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology

Polenergia and Equinor, a partner with which the project of Offshore Wind Farms is performed, established cooperation with the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology of Gdańsk University of Technology, which is the only institution in Poland to educate future employees of the sector of offshore wind energy.


The grand finale of the 10th edition of the Energy Academy is behind us

13 December officially marked the end of this year’s Energy Academy. This is one of the flagship programs of the Lesław A. Paga Foundation, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. For two months, 29 participants learned about the power industry through the lens of market leaders.


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