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Polenergia Obrót

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Polenergia Obrót

Trade in energy and emission allowances

Polenergia Obrót is a company specializing in wholesale trade in electricity, gas, property rights, CO₂ emission allowances and guarantees of origin. Since October 2013, the company has been an active direct member of the Polish Power Exchange, at the same time gradually increasing the number of trading partners on over-the-counter markets. In 2013, Polenergia Obrót entered the wholesale electricity market in Germany, including inter-system exchange transactions. Since December 2013, it has been a direct member of the EPEX SPOT SE exchange, and since July 2018 also of the EEX exchange. Since March 2017, the company has been trading in electricity in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – on the OTE and OKTE exchanges. On 18 November 2016, it started trading CO₂ emission allowances on the ICE exchange in London (through the Marex Spectron broker). In 2020, the Company started its trading activity on electricity markets in Hungary and Ukraine and obtained an extension of its electrical energy trading license in Poland till 2030.

Trade in property rights from renewable energy sources and guarantees of origin

The company also trades in property rights from certificates of origin, in both forward contracts and spot transactions.

In 2015, Polenergia Obrót was the first company in the Polish market to initiate transactions on the market of guarantees of origin on behalf of producers from the Polenergia Group, and has still continued its activities in this field. The Company also trades guarantees of origin from its group producers, but also from external entities it supports.

Trade in gaseous fuels

In 2014, the Company obtained a license for trading gaseous fuels domestically (OPG) and with foreign counterparties (OGZ). At the end of 2017, it started trading in natural gas on the ICE Endex.

Management of Group’s production portfolio and development plans

A significant area of Polenergia Obrót’s business is the provision of comprehensive services to the Polenergia Group companies related to managing its portfolio of electricity, property rights, CO₂ emissions and guarantees of origin.

Cooperation with related companies encompasses the whole value chain, from generation (wind and photovoltaic farms, cogeneration plant, power plant) to sales of energy to end customers.

The range of services
provided by the company
includes, among others:

  • participation in the development of a trading strategy and portfolio hedging,

  • risk management,

  • trade balancing (POB),

  • wind farm and photovoltaic farm production forecasting,

  • services of a trading operator (OH), a trading and technical operator (OHT) and a market operator (OR).

These services are offered also to entities that are not members of the Group, as part of development of new business lines.

Electricity and gaseous fuels for businesses

Polenergia Obrót offers a broad range of products and services which are tailored to customers’ needs to optimally meet their expectations.

Tailor-made, risk-optimized energy and gas solutions

Energy management is a serious challenge for all market participants. Polenergia Obrót offers a broad range of products and services which are tailored to the needs of industrial buyers as regards electricity and gaseous fuels.

Leveraging our experience in energy trading, risk management and market analysis, and taking advantage of our presence in the European markets and being a leader in the RES energy generator market, our experts will develop a tailor-made, customer-specific purchasing model.

We have a comprehensive product portfolio which comprises both standard products and tailor-made energy and gas solutions.

Our purchasing models offered to industrial customers

Energy products – possibility of sourcing energy in the Energy 2051 Standard.

Polenergia Obrót S.A.’s Expert Team (trading + analyses + sales) will prepare, on the basis of consumption data provided by the customer, custom-made solutions based on energy and gas products together with recommendations allowing for optimization of consumption in the years to come…”

Energy sales to end-users

In 2020, the Company actively developed activities aimed at acquiring and selling electricity to business segment end-users. As a result, it maintained its current clients and significantly increased the portfolio of energy sales contracts for 2021-2023. According to the Company’s strategy, in the coming years it will focus on intensive development of its sales projects.

Flexibility services

Polenergia is developing its competence in the area of emergency electricity reduction measures as an aggregator of DSR services. In the coming years, the Company will act as the aggregator for internal and external entities on the Capacity Market. For this purpose it has taken the necessary formal steps to certify entities on the Capacity Market. The Company also implements services, which through its intermediation will allow external clients to provide Regulatory System Services. By implementing the successive stages of the accepted strategy in the consistent manner, in the coming years Polenergia has the ambition of becoming the leader in aggregating capacity and system services.

Last year has shown how much the economic environment affecting the power sector may change. Demand for electricity fell by 2.3% year over year, while the price for CO₂ emission allowances increased nearly twofold. We saw record numbers of energy production from renewable sources in Poland and record volumes of energy imports. The cost advantage of renewable sources is increasingly visible and the end users are more willing to purchase renewable energy. The electric power system starts to lack flexibility services and additional groups of entities are invited to provide them. The year 2020 presented the trends, which we believe will increase in the coming years. We believe that the popularization of knowledge and discussion with all market participants will allow us to better understand the changes that are taking place in the energy sector and will allow our Clients to make more informed decisions. In this context, I would like to emphasize that we feel especially honored by the possibility of influencing the views of young energy sector employees in cooperation with the Lesław Paga Foundation in this year’s 9th Edition of the “Energy Academy”.

Jarosław Bogacz

Member of the Polenergia S.A. Management Board, President of the Polenergia Obrót S.A. Management Board

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