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Distribution & eMobility

Energy distribution

Polenergia Dystrybucja is a distributor and supplier of electricity for industrial, residential and commercial consumers, among others housing developments, production plants, office buildings and shopping centers. The company pursues its activities in various regions, with the special role played by the Warsaw-based distribution branch. Polenergia Dystrybucja is the largest non-public distribution grid operator; only 4 Polish state-owned companies operate on a larger scale. It is also the second largest DSO in Warsaw, after innogy.

Polenergia Dystrybucja manages 44 projects (areas) in total in whole Poland, and additionally 92 projects are at the development stage according to the investment plan until 2025, approved by the Energy Regulatory Office. The plan assumes that the Company will record a growth in the number of connected consumers from 18 thousand currently to 70 thousand in 2025.

Given the large increase in the number of new residential developments in southern Poland, in February 2020 the Company opened its new Customer Service Office in Krakow at ul. Stachowskiego.

The Company has been intensively developing its offering of modern customer service channels and products and services addressed to respective customer segments. Since the beginning of 2021, POLD customers may use the Customer service portal available online at and through a mobile app. At the same time, a fully digital process of signing contracts with customers from the households and small business segment through a dedicated website at These activities are aimed at ensuring the best possible operating efficiency and top customer experience

In addition to the standard monthly settlements for energy actually consumed and convenient payments through POLD offers its customers from the household and small business segment products with a price guarantee and a discount guarantee for up to three years.  Customers may also take advantage of additional services offered in the “helpful package” or “expert assistance” lines. The Company also offers electricity to other segments based on standard price lists or solutions custom-selected to match the needs of the customers.

In 2021, the Company plans to implement a new e-mobility offer for business clients, housing cooperatives, real estate developers, hotels, shopping centers, stores and households.

The Company also executes projects in the area of photovoltaics (electricity generation for individual buildings) and electromobility (development of a network of electric car chargers). Investments in new technologies, which make consumers independent of solutions based on fossil fuels, bring enormous, not only economic benefits because they permit reduction of CO₂ emissions and combating of smog. The market saturation with eco-friendly facilities will contribute to raising the society’s awareness and might indirectly accelerate legislation changes in relation to prosumer energy generation.

Polenergia Kogeneracja, another Polenergia Group subsidiary, is a natural gas distributor focusing on supplies for industrial plants through its own distribution infrastructure. Currently, the Company provides a gaseous fuel distribution service to an industrial customer in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, with the annual volume of distributed natural gas equivalent to approx. 300 GWh of energy.

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