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The grand finale of the 10th edition of…

13 December officially marked the end of this year's Energy Academy. This is one of the flagship programs of the…

17 December 2021

Polenergia starts cooperation with the University of Gdańsk

Polenergia continues contributing to sustainable development in the academic community. The aim of the company’s agreement signed with the University…

30 November 2021

Szymankowo Wind Farm is ready

The Szymankowo Wind Farm has already produced over 30 GWh of green electricity. The 38 MW project was officially completed…

23 November 2021

Books for the Climate

The World Wind Day, which falls on 15 June, is a great opportunity to launch Polenergia’s new educational campaign “Books…

15 June 2021

Diversity IN Check

Polenergia among employers who are the most advanced in managing diversity and inclusion!

8 June 2021

Polenergia develops photovoltaics

All projects submitted by Polenergia S.A. won RES auctions for new photovoltaic power plants by the end of 2020.

21 May 2021

All turbines at the WF Szymankowo are assembled

Polenergia has completed the installation process of all 11 turbines at the FW Szymankowo. We have completed it in a…

29 April 2021

The first turbine on the wind farm in…

The height of the tower with the gondola is 134 meters.

12 November 2020

Supply chain for polish wind farms in the…

Equinor and Polenergia connect supply chain companies for the first Polish wind farms in the Baltic Sea

4 November 2020

Transportation of towers to the Szymankowo Wind Farm

The works in the Szymankowo wind farm site are under way.

29 October 2020

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