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Spring planting

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Spring planting

Executing our projects we are always committed to minimize the environmental impact and to support the local community. Working with local authorities and our business partners we plant trees and shrubs in the communes where we develop our projects.

These measures aim to not only support the natural environment but also create common space for the local communities, supporting integration and strengthening social ties. Thanks to that residents become more aware of the role the environment plays in their lives and how precious the ecosystems around their place of residence are. But these activities bring benefits not only to local communities. Our projects are extremely precious for local animal species. They obtain not only additional shelter and breeding space but also a source of food.

Our first spring initiative in 2021 was the planting carried out in April on the occasion of the International Earth Day. Trees and shrubs were planted in the park on Lidzbarska Street in the Żuromin commune, where we are currently building the Dębsk Wind Farm.

The Żuromin park gained 135 trees and shrubs, such as European cornel, cotoneaster, forsythia, ninebark, ornamental apple trees and Swedish whitebeam. The bird species which, thanks to our plants, have gained shelter and food include, among others: blackbirds, thrushes, wood pigeons, hawfinches, fieldfares, tree sparrows, tits and waxwings.

In May we also planted trees and shrubs in the Miłoradz commune where our Szymankowo Wind Farm is located. We planted among others: goldsturm coneflowers and amanogawa cherries at the square in Kończewice. In Gnojewo, in turn, by the Stalag victims memorial, we planted faassena catmint and hosta golden tiara. In addition, we also installeda shelter for beneficial insects. The shelter, also referred to as a guesthouse, provides goods conditions for insect living and breeding. These efforts also increase biodiversity: these insects pollinate crops and help in the biological fight with plant vermin.

We always agree upon the planting locations with the local authorities, and the trees and shrubs are selected by nature scientists in such a way that they are the best fit for the local bird species and provide them with appropriate food.

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