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Apiaries and meadows on the territory of FF Sulechów PV...

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Apiaries and meadows on the territory of FF Sulechów PV Farm

Creation of honey meadows and setting up an apiary on the territory of FF Sulechów I PV Farm in Lubuskie Voivodeship as an example of measures to enhance biodiversity at Polenergia’s sites.

For technological reasons (distances between rows, access roads), structures made up of 30 thousand photovoltaic panels with the total capacity of 8 MW take only half of more than 16 h of the Sulechów I project. Accordingly, Polenergia decided to give the unused land back to nature and create so-called honey meadows on their PV farm sites for the benefit of pollinating insects, including bees. The effect will be increased biodiversity of the monocultures of crops surrounding the project site, and the farm will be home to beautiful colorful flowers blossoming over the whole vegetation period.

In early 2020, Polenergia established an apiary consisting of 10 beehives tended by qualified beekeepers, at the site of FF Sulechów. In February 2021, the beekeepers had their first visit at the apiary after the winter period. They found that the bees survived the winter and showed no signs of diseases. In addition to feeding the bees, the beekeepers performed additional work such as: cleaning, insulation and disinfection.

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