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Szymankowo Wind Farm is ready


11 wind turbines were erected in Miłoradz Commune in just 16 months.

These are some of the largest windmills in Poland as the height from the ground to the highest point of the blades is as much as 200 meters

Environmental analysis of honey meadows


Replacement of ecosystems is an important activity of the Polenergia Group that we implement during the development of our projects.

This strategy does not involve the implementation of only new biodiversity initiatives, but also analysis of the existing solutions to see how they actually affect the natural environment

All turbines at the WF Szymankowo are assembled

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The power of FW Szymankowo is 38 MW.

This will allow 60,000 households to be supplied with clean energy per year.

Apiaries and meadows on the territory of FF Sulechów PV Farm


Home for pollinating insects

Find out how the development of photovoltaics can contribute to a significant increase in biodiversity

Polenergia in numbers

287 MW

The size of the portfolio of wind farms in operation

3000 MW

The power of offshore wind farms in development

8200 MWh

Estimated target annual energy production in Sulechów I PV Farm

199 MW

onshore wind farm projects in development


Group employees (FTEs)


the largest DSO in Warsaw

Approach to ESG

I would like to invite you to browse through Polenergia’s ESG Site – a platform through which we comprehensively communicate our performance and activities in the environmental, social and governance areas.

Polenergia SA, CEO Letter

Dr Michał Michalski
Polenergia SA, CEO

CSR Strategy


Implemented goals
in the areas of responsibility of the Polenergia Group

We ensure Poland's energy security and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by offering energy from renewable sources. We are responsible throughout the entire supply chain. Transparency and preventing corruption are important to us.


We minimize the impact of our activities on the environment by monitoring the impact of newly completed investments. We limit the amount of waste we produce, in particular in the area of office work. We are open to dialogue with stakeholders in the field of environmental protection.


Employee safety is our priority. We provide safety procedures in accordance with ISO 18001, we strive to fully eliminate serious and fatal accidents and cases of occupational diseases both among our employees and our subcontractors.


We are committed to developing relationships with local communities in the areas where we operate. We are open to dialogue, and our charity activities are focused on supporting the inhabitants of these areas and helping to solve their problems.


The power of diversity

We use the potential of diversity to effectively achieve the Group's goals.

The CSR strategy incorporates diversity into the company's business and management strategy, prioritizing it as part of diversity and inclusion activities. Since August 2019, the Polenergia Group has also been a signatory of the Diversity Charter.


The financial data 2020


257 PLN mln

Adjusted EBITDA result

PLN 1 811 m

Revenue from sales

PLN 111 mln

Adjusted net profit

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