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Employee volunteerism and charity actions

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Employee volunteerism and charity actions

The Polenergia Group wants its employees to join its charity actions and provide aid where it is needed themselves, and engage their colleagues and company.

As a result of employee volunteerism, Polenergia is becoming a place in the creation and development of which its employees want to participate. Volunteers working for those in need can use their skills and knowledge for this purpose and at the same time develop their own interests and talents. The Group hopes that volunteerism will encourage its staff to involve in social and environmental issues, which will bring them the sense of satisfaction and improve their professional competences.

Polenergia's first sports challenge POWER UP! successfully completed

Thanks to the great commitment and determination of almost 200 Polenergia employees, the first sports challenge of Polenergia Group, POWER UP!, ended successfully! The challenge was supported by a mobile app provided by a third party, Activy Ltd.


Centre for people with disabilities powered by green energy

Poland’s leading installer of photovoltaic systems, Polenergia Fotowoltaika, has donated a solar power station with a capacity of nearly 10 kWp to the Special Needs School and Education Centre in Huta, Mazowieckie Province. This is yet another donation made under the Good Power by Polenergia programme.


Straight From the Heart for Senior Citizens

At Polenergia, the commitment to help takes many forms. This time we became involved in helping Senior Citizens from the Warsaw district of Praga Północ, for whom the Group’s volunteers prepared Easter parcels in cooperation with Otwarte Drzwi (Open Door) Association.


We support the Pegasus Shelter

We help animals and want to bring help where it is needed. That’s why we have been cooperating with and helping the Pegasus Shelter in Musulah for the past year.


Education for climate

As we conduct responsible business, we understand the need and role in supporting local communities. We are present and support local initiatives and centers wherever we do business.


We help animals from the Pegasus Shelter

On Saturday morning, August 6, we gathered as a group of over 40 employees of the Polenergia Group and their families in the small town of Musuły near Warsaw, in a sad, because mostly sick and severely damaged animals live there, but at the same time a beautiful place which is the Pegasus Shelter run by The Institute of Empathy Foundation.


Polenergia plays for WOŚP

Polenergia has been involved in supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) for three years now.


Polenergia Christmas volunteer work

By preparing the Miracle Weekend this December, many Polenergia volunteers shared their own time and happiness with families in need from Środa Śląska and from Leżajsk area.


CukierAsy (SugarAces) – Red Card to Diabetes

For several years, Polenergia supports the activities of CukierAsy – an association which integrates children with Type 1 diabetes, their parents and guardians. The statutory activity of the association is also to broaden knowledge about diabetes in the society at large.


Noble Gift – support for Christmas

In 2020, volunteers of Szlachetna Paczka (‘Noble Gift’) and the Polenergia Group joined the group of people preparing gifts for the poorest and the most needy, most strongly affected by the year and the pandemic.


Support for emergency services

All the facilities of Polenergia support local fire stations -the employees’ safety depends on these. Also the Puck Wind Farm is involved in supporting emergency services from its area.


Cooperation with the Little Elephant Foundation

In 2019, Polenergia singed a long-term cooperation agreement with the Mały Słoń Foundation, with the Company’s employees working in the Warsaw Branch of the Foundation since its establishment.

All of Polenergia’s facilities support local firefighting units – the safety of employees depends on them. The Puck Wind Farm is also involved in supporting local emergency services.


Help for the One Day Foundation

In cooperation with the Kulczyk Foundation, Polenergia joined in the aid provided by the One Day Foundation by supporting the transportation of children from children’s homes to Warsaw and organization of the event entitled “One Day”.


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