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Straight From the Heart for Senior Citizens

Straight From the Heart for Senior Citizens

At Polenergia, the commitment to help takes many forms. This time we became involved in helping Senior Citizens from the Warsaw district of Praga Północ, for whom the Group's volunteers prepared Easter parcels in cooperation with Otwarte Drzwi (Open Door) Association.

Mobilisation right before Easter requires openness. Giving “a piece of yourself”, a part of your time, stopping for a moment to think about others – this indeed means a lot in today’s world. A world where we are always in a rush and where everyday things become big problems, sometimes seemingly insoluble.

And yet it is so important to stop for a moment and make a tiny gesture, a gesture that may be almost invisible to us, but so huge to others, those in need.  At Polenergia, we try to show that even the smallest gesture makes a difference. When combined together, all those small acts of kindness become really big things.

And this is what we did. Step by step, we created a great initiative: Easter Straight From the Heart. We invited our colleagues to buy particular foodstuffs, as well as beauty, hygiene and cleaning products, to make Easter parcels for elderly persons in need in the Praga Północ district of Warsaw, who are cared for by Otwarte Drzwi.

And we succeeded! Our team did a great job!  From early March, donations had been collected in Polenergia office space for those who could not shop for themselves because they simply could not afford it.

Anyone could bring what they could to contribute, based on the list of needed items. There was flour and sugar, oil and rice, but also chocolate. Shampoos, soaps and floor cleaning products were also donated, as were many, many other items. In short, the Easter shopping was done and the parcels were packed. The volunteers sorted and beautifully packed the donated items and transported them to Otwarte Drzwi, which will hand over the presents we prepared to those who are waiting for them.

A big round of applause and a BIG THANK YOU for Polenergia volunteers and their GREAT HEARTS!

Together we can do anything!

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