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Distribution & eMobility

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Distribution & eMobility

Polenergia Dystrybucja is building and maintaining its own electrical power infrastructure across Poland, through which it provides electricity distribution and sales services.


active projects across Poland


projects in the development phase

24 thous.

thousand customers connected at the end of 2021

77 thous.

przyłączonych odbiorców do 2026 r.

Budujemy sieć stacji ładowania na terenie całego kraju. Wszędzie gdzie zasilamy się bezpośrednio z sieci, gwarantujemy wyłącznie zieloną energię elektryczną w standardzie Energia 2051, pochodzącą z odnawialnych źródeł Grupy Polenergia.


Polenergia eMobility network in numbers:

At Polenergia eMobility, we are not limited to one model of station construction. We build both AC and DC stations along national roads and in city centers, so as to provide free access to the station for every driver.


Charging stations


Charging points

In an effort to develop the e-mobility area, we have implemented a new offer of electric vehicle charging stations targeted at individual customers, businesses, housing cooperatives and developers.

As we implemented the charging services in private chargers, we also prepared a comprehensive electromobility offer addressed to both individual and business customers. The offer includes, among other things, the delivery and installation of charging stations and later the supply of green energy.

In addition to the area of selling electromobility products and services, the Group is actively building strategic partnerships with entities that own locations attractive to electric vehicle users, in order to acquire sites for construction of public charging stations. Development of a distributed network of fast and rapid charging stations, as a key element enabling unimpeded movement of electric cars across Poland, will complement our value proposition in the electromobility area. This is an area in which the Company plans to take a key role as an operator and supplier of charging services.

The Group recognizes that, as an active participant in this market, it can build competence and experience also within its own organization, which is why it has implemented a fleet policy, under which new vehicles used in the Group are fully electric or plug-in hybrids.

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