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Ethical supply chain

Ethical supply chain

The Polenergia Group acts in a responsible manner in the entire supply chain: we conduct environmental and OSH audits of the facilities we administer and we incorporate ethical and environmental clauses in contracts with our key subcontractors.

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Responsible attitudes of all partners in the supply chain not only streamline work and ensure the expected quality of service and operation of the Company’s assets but also allows it to comprehensively manage its environmental impact.

Having developed numerous projects in Poland, the Polenergia Group has supported local industry, producers, subteams as well as contractors. The Group is perfectly aware of the leading component suppliers in Poland and has been sharing its success with the suppliers for years.


estimated share of national companies in a construction phase of onshore wind farms

Upon starting to develop projects in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Baltic Sea, the Polenergia Group has already in 2010 recognized their substantial potential for Poland. At all phases of the Bałtyk II Offshore Wind Farm and Bałtyk III Offshore Wind Farm projects the Group made sure to include national suppliers engaging Polish companies which delivered most of the analyses, expertise, environmental research and documentation for initial location and environmental decisions.

Polenergia's and Equinor's offshore wind farms are development opportunity for local companies

The level of interest of Polish companies in participating in the development of offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea exceeded our wildest expectations. Together with Equinor and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, we organized the Suppliers’ Day in Gdańsk for domestic entrepreneurs. More than 100 entrepreneurs responded to the invitation to participate in this event.


Polenergia's involvement in building local Supply Chains for Offshore Energy

A good example of establishing relationships with national suppliers is the activities carried out by the OWF Bałtyk II and OWF Bałtyk III Projects in terms of communication of upcoming procurement proceedings. The projects inform about planned key tenders on dedicated pages and invite potential Suppliers and Sub-suppliers to meetings.


Building an ethical supply chain for offshore wind farm projects

Polenergia executes projects in the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea and it is committed to the development of local resources at each stage of the work. It employed Polish contractors for analyses, expert opinions, environment studies and documentation created for the purpose of first location and environmental decisions.


Supply chain for polish wind farms in the Baltic Sea

Equinor and Polenergia connect supply chain companies for the first Polish wind farms in the Baltic Sea.


Dialogue related to Bałtyk II

In cooperation with Equinor, as part of the Offshore Wind Farm projects MFW Bałtyk II and MFW Bałtyk III we have started preparations for supply chain development.


Support for local suppliers

When implementing projects, we take care to support the local market of manufacturers. We build component and service supply chains in such a way that our development drives the domestic economy creates jobs and prepares us for the energy transition.


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