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Polenergia’s involvement in building local Supply Chains for Offshore Energy

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Polenergia’s involvement in building local Supply Chains for Offshore Energy

A good example of establishing relationships with national suppliers is the activities carried out by the OWF Bałtyk II and OWF Bałtyk III Projects in terms of communication of upcoming procurement proceedings. The projects inform about planned key tenders on dedicated pages and invite potential Suppliers and Sub-suppliers to meetings.

In addition, in May 2021, the Company, as part of the JV with Equinor, announced the finalisation of the purchase of a plot of land in Łeba, where a service port for the Baltic II and Baltic III OWFs will be built. Thus, the JV was the first among the companies developing offshore wind farm projects in Poland to identify the location of its service and maintenance base.

Equinor is responsible for the construction and operation of the port, which will become the base for the offshore wind farms being developed by the Equinor and Polenergia joint venture, and may also support further projects in the future.

The planned service base will serve as a logistics centre for offshore wind farms in the Baltic, and will consist of an office, storage buildings and transport facilities. The close proximity from Łeba to the location of the farms will contribute to the safety of offshore operations and the optimisation of service costs. An investment located in Łeba creates opportunities for the development of the city and the region, as well as an increase in employment. Jobs needed to support the offshore wind farms include technical positions to maintain the infrastructure at sea, as well as teams of office workers to support the projects from land.

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