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We help animals from the Pegasus Shelter

We help animals from the Pegasus Shelter

It was beautiful - despite the rain, there was a good mood - despite the wind, there was everything that can integrate people so wonderfully - a common willingness to help those most in need, which appears when a group of people gather together having a great will and a common goal - giving joy to others. And we did it at the Pegasus Hostel in Musuły!

On Saturday morning, August 6, we gathered as a group of over 40 employees of the Polenergia Group and their families in the small town of Musuły near Warsaw, in a sad, because mostly sick and severely damaged animals live there, but at the same time a beautiful place which is the Pegasus Shelter run by The Institute of Empathy Foundation.

The weather encouraged us to stay at home with a good book and a cup of tea because it was raining outside. But no! We, the volunteers of Polenergia, mobilized ourselves, despite the promising rain, we chose what we had decided earlier – to help where it was so needed – at Pegasus Shelter. We came with big smiles on our faces, full of positive energy, because we were supposed to perform together an important task for the Shelter – painting houses for horses, ponies, llamas and goats. That is why each of us, equipped with a pair of gloves and a brush, set to work right away after arrival, which means we started painting the wood with a special protection layer of wood impregnation.

In heavy rain, we also pulled down the old wooden fence. Nobody paid any attention to the nails or the splinters. Everyone worked to ensure that horses and ponies would have more space to run. Nobody complained, although was soaked to the bone.

What a nice time it was also for the youngest, who, being close to their parents, could show their warmth to the animals who desired it so much. There were hugs and caressing, which were offered to goats, dogs, cats and llamas walking around the area of the Shelter. There was also pampering pets with delicious apples, bananas and carrots. After all, everybody had to be pleased!

So the day was beautiful! We all worked together, we were working in harmony smiling all the time. We have done amazing work for pets that will surely appreciate it. We had great fun and a very nice integration time. During each of our tasks we were talking to our colleagues from the Group, whom we do not always have the opportunity to meet every day in the office, however that day, support day for the Pegasus, it was possible.

We are already planning another aid action that will take place soon. There is a lot of work to be done in the Shelter, and we are eager to help.

Together we can do anything!

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