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Polenergia’s first sports challenge POWER UP! successfully completed

Polenergia’s first sports challenge POWER UP! successfully completed

Thanks to the great commitment and determination of almost 200 Polenergia employees, the first sports challenge of Polenergia Group, POWER UP!, ended successfully! The challenge was supported by a mobile app provided by a third party, Activy Ltd.

The challenge ran from 1 April to 30 June 2023. During this period, participants received points for physical activity and bonuses for regularity, including an active commute.

The main objective of the challenge was to achieve a charitable goal by collecting a pool of points, which in the final stage were exchanged by Polenergia Group for the amount of PLN 30,000 for the “Rak’n’Roll. Wygraj życie!” (“Win Your Life!”) Foundation. In addition to the charitable aspect of the challenge, equally important was the increase in the participants’ commitment through teamwork.

As a platform for promoting healthy lifestyle and physical activity, Activy encouraged participants to collect points for their favourite sports activities. The teams competed at the company level, motivating each other to exercise on a regular basis. Employees also competed in individual rankings. The challenge was conducted in the spirit of healthy competition and great fun.

The aim of the challenge was not only to support the Foundation, but also to build a healthy habit of daily exercise, which is why the “POWER UP!” challenge was designed so that everyone could find the form of activity that most suited them. Points could be collected on foot, e.g. by walking, running, skiing; on wheels, e.g. by cycling, rollerblading, scooter riding; by exercising at the gym, at home, at the pool or at tennis or volleyball courts.  With such a wide choice of disciplines, the challenge quickly grew in popularity.

During the three editions, which took place from April to June, a total of over 55,000 kilometres were covered on feet and 44,000 kilometres on wheels. In addition, nearly 3,000 different types of exercise were recorded, including gym, swimming and team sports. Employees were also motivated to use green transport. As many as 3,648 such activities were registered, saving 3.6 tonnes of CO2.

We would like to thank and congratulate all participants in this challenge, who supported the Rak’n’Roll Foundation with their efforts. Their dedication, involvement and commitment made the first Activy challenge a real success.

Together, we have POWERED UP! Thank you!

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