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Education for Climate – Employee Volunteering

Education for Climate – Employee Volunteering

Polenergia Group employees teach the youngest.

As we conduct responsible business, we understand the need and role in supporting local communities. We are present and support local initiatives and centers wherever we do business. We also have a responsibility to educate the energy sector’s future workforce for the energy transition, and we cooperate with academic centers in this area. We also understand our responsibility as active dialogue for the role of renewable energy sources and their role in the energy transition, as well as education for sustainable development with the youngest.

Therefore, by launching the educational project Play Green with Us!® we have invited Polenergia Group employees to join us in a joint educational and climate change awareness-building venture.

Volunteers contact headmasters of elementary schools or kindergartens and engage in conducting educational classes implementing the Play with us in green!® project.

Meetings and activities for children in educational institutions began in June 2022. Thanks to the involvement of Polenergia Group Employees, who, based on the scenarios of Play Green with Us! conducted the meetings, kids learned, among other things, how to get “green” energy for our homes from the wind or the sun.

We are convinced that supporting the youngest in educating about climate change and building awareness of the need to develop RES is key to stopping climate change and building the society of the future.

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