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Polenergia’s Day of Volunteering in the Otwarte Drzwi Association

Polenergia’s Day of Volunteering in the Otwarte Drzwi Association

Actions aimed at local communities play an incredibly important role in the activities of the Polenergia Group. Our responsibility goes beyond just business; it extends to caring for the community and the environment. As part of our employee volunteering program, on October 7th, over 30 employees, along with their families, gathered in the Praga district of Warsaw to support the Otwarte Drzwi Association.

The Otwarte Drzwi Association has been working for many years to benefit the local community of Praga in Warsaw. Their initiatives encompass various activities, with a strong focus on aiding young people and those in need. Otwarte Drzwi provides remedial classes and tutoring for youth, assisting them in their education and personal development. Additionally, they run a kitchen and canteen named “Czerwony Rower,” where they employ individuals with disabilities, offering them opportunities for employment and skill development. The Otwarte Drzwi Association relies on support, which is why the Polenergia Group organized a day of volunteering combined with a nature lesson for its employees and their families at the association’s premises.

During this event, employees and their families had the opportunity to participate in fascinating nature workshops. Under the guidance of experienced nature experts, they learned to identify tree species by the appearance of their leaves and bird species by their distinctive sounds. The children, in particular, were captivated by the chance to gain this practical knowledge and learned the importance of respecting nature.

Following the engaging nature workshops, Polenergia Group employees engaged in gardening activities. With great enthusiasm, they planted flower bulbs, raked leaves, and pruned branches, contributing to the maintenance of the areas surrounding the association’s facility. Later, all those present had the opportunity to create “forests in a jar.” This intriguing activity involved the creation of mini-ecosystems in jars that could be taken home and observed as the micro-world of nature thrived.

Both the creation of forests in a jar and gardening activities were not only educational but also served as a means to develop a sensitivity to nature and to understand the significance of caring for our environment. It was an incredible opportunity for both children and adults to gain a better understanding of how nature functions and appreciate its beauty.

The day of volunteering at the Otwarte Drzwi Association strengthened the bonds among Polenergia Group employees and expanded the knowledge of participants in the field of nature education and social engagement. Supporting the Praga community showcased that through collaboration, we can create a positive impact in both the community and within ourselves.

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