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Goal 17 – Partnership for the goals

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Goal 17 – Partnership for the goals

In conducting our sustainability activities, we engage in a number of initiatives with stakeholders. By conducting joint activities, the Polenergia Group implements the objectives of Goal 17 – Partnership for the Goals.

Impatiens glandulifera from the Słowiński National Park

Aware of the importance of biodiversity as the foundation of life and an important factor in the well-being of people, the environment and the climate, Polenergia is actively involved in protecting ecosystems and enhancing biodiversity. For another year, we have taken action under the Re:Generation program, which is a direct response of UNEP/GRID-Warsaw to the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration announced by the UN from 2021 to 2030.


Partnership in safety: Polenergia and other leading offshore wind energy developers join forces

Polenergia, together with other developers, has undertaken an inspiring initiative that heralds a new era in occupational health and safety in offshore wind energy in Poland. Polenergia has officially announced its commitment to raise occupational health and safety standards in the dynamically developing new renewable energy sector.


Reader-Art Contest under the Patronage of Polenergia

As part of the Climate Reading initiative, Maria Konopnicka Primary School in Miłoradz and Father Jan Twardowski Primary School in Kończewice, located near FW Szymankowo, organized an Inter-School Reader-Art Contest for students in grades I-VIII.


Polenergia as a Strategic Partner of the ESG Leaders Academy

The Polenergia Group advocates for a responsible approach to business, the environment, and local communities. For this reason, we have become a Strategic Partner of the ESG Leaders Academy, organized by the Lesław Paga Foundation.


Polenergia’s Day of Volunteering in the Otwarte Drzwi Association

Actions aimed at local communities play an incredibly important role in the activities of the Polenergia Group. Our responsibility goes beyond just business; it extends to caring for the community and the environment. As part of our employee volunteering program, on October 7th, over 30 employees, along with their families, gathered in the Praga district of Warsaw to support the Otwarte Drzwi Association.


Together In Support of Pomerania Offshore Wind Energy Competence Centre

The Polenergia Group, together with Equinor, Rumia Municipality and Rumia Invest Park signed a Letter of Intent on the plan to cooperate as part of the Pomerania Offshore Wind Energy Competence Centre. The parties declare their desire to reinforce the labour market necessary for efficient development of wind energy at the Baltic Sea.


Catch the Big Fish!

Tens of thousands of specialists will be employed in offshore wind farm projects in the Baltic Sea. Employers who are looking for qualified staff presented students with a wide range of professional opportunities during the Offshore Career Day 2022 Catch the Big Fish! The stand of Polenergia and Equinor was visited by several hundred people interested in a career offshore.


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