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Polenergia as a Strategic Partner of the ESG Leaders Academy

Polenergia as a Strategic Partner of the ESG Leaders Academy

The Polenergia Group advocates for a responsible approach to business, the environment, and local communities. For this reason, we have become a Strategic Partner of the ESG Leaders Academy, organized by the Lesław Paga Foundation.

In late October 2023, we inaugurated the ESG Leaders Academy. The academy aims to support female leaders of ESG transformation in business organizations by imparting knowledge and best practices related to developing strategies consistent with the business model and non-financial reporting. Academy participants also engage in soft skills training, including negotiation and public speaking.

On January 27th of this year, Polenergia hosted a gathering of the ESG Leaders Academy. Participants had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Marta Porzuczek, Director of the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Department at Polenergia S.A., titled “We are Changing and Helping Change: Our Journey to a Mature ESG Approach.”

The girls were impressed by the Polenergia Group’s approach to ESG solutions and Marta’s role as a change leader, facing numerous challenges over the years in implementing CSR and subsequently ESG initiatives and processes.

Kaja Jedlińska, Head of the EU Regulations Team at Tauron Group, also shared her knowledge, presenting topics related to energy regulations and European taxonomy.

At the conclusion of the gathering, Joanna Maraszek, Director of Product and Sustainable Development at the start-up Plan Be Eco, explained to participants the mechanisms for calculating the carbon footprint of organizations. Academy participants appreciated all the presentations and the opportunity to network with the Polenergia ESG Team.

Building awareness of responsible business practices and strengthening the position of women in the professional world is crucial for the Polenergia Group. We believe that by working together, we will promote sustainable development and contribute to creating a better, greener future.

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