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Together In Support of Pomerania Offshore Wind Energy Competence Centre

Together In Support of Pomerania Offshore Wind Energy Competence Centre

The Polenergia Group, together with Equinor, Rumia Municipality and Rumia Invest Park signed a Letter of Intent on the plan to cooperate as part of the Pomerania Offshore Wind Energy Competence Centre. The parties declare their desire to reinforce the labour market necessary for efficient development of wind energy at the Baltic Sea.

Ceremonious signing of the Letter of Intent took place on 19 October 2022 in the seat of the Social Integration Club in Rumia. The agreement sets out the activities of the parties in various areas of cooperation related to the broadly understood education of children, youth and adults as part of the Pomerania Offshore Wind Energy Competence Centre.

Rumia Invest Park will be one of the key partners of the Offshore Competence Academy, one of five flagship projects supporting the development of local content in the offshore wind farm projects. As part of the Academy, we will organise and promote events aimed at development of competent personnel for the new sector of industry, namely the offshore wind energy. Everybody who wishes to develop similar education and training initiatives in the country is welcome to cooperate with us. We would like to support such projects with respect to substance, promotion and organisation.

Maciej Stryjecki

Head of Offshore Wind Polenergia Group

The parties to the agreement have unanimously conceded that actions developing skills and expanding competence of children, youth and adults will greatly affect positive perception and engagement of the local community in the offshore wind farm sector. Every type of cooperation as part of the second Flagship Programme, i.e. the Offshore Competence Academy, is a right step towards the development of the HR potential of the Polish offshore.

To prepare excellent professional personnel for offshore wind energy, it is worth exciting interest in the offshore sector as early as possible via play and building social awareness, and subsequently via education with special attention given to technical schools. All the education and training activities have to be coordinated since the very beginning. The Pomerania Competence Centre in Rumia fulfils this role perfectly and meets the demand of Pomerania, naturally related to offshore economy, enjoying full acceptance and assistance on the part of the town authorities, headed by Mayor Michał Pasieczny.

Agnieszka Rodak

president of Rumia Invest Park

Rumia, thanks to the cooperation with the sector’s leaders, wishes to expand the educational programme for young people from the Pomerania secondary schools and subsequently organise a training ground on the municipal investment areas and create a concept for managing an area intended for the construction of the seat of the Pomerania Offshore Wind Energy Centre. The centre, in spite of not having a permanent seat, has already organised offshore workshops for pupils of eight primary schools in Rumia. The Polenergia Group and Equinor Polska co-organised these workshops.

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