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Partnership in safety: Polenergia and other leading offshore wind energy...

Partnership in safety: Polenergia and other leading offshore wind energy developers join forces

Polenergia, together with other developers, has undertaken an inspiring initiative that heralds a new era in occupational health and safety in offshore wind energy in Poland. Polenergia has officially announced its commitment to raise occupational health and safety standards in the dynamically developing new renewable energy sector.

This symbolic event took place during the prestigious Offshore Wind Poland 2023 conference in Warsaw organized by the Polish Wind Energy Association.

Co-creating such an agreement, representatives of Polenergia, Baltic Power, Equinor, Ocean Winds, Orsted, PGE Baltica, and RWE Offshore Wind Poland joined forces to create a Working Group on occupational health and safety, environmental protection and quality in offshore wind energy. The purpose of this Group is, among other things, to promote and improve safety standards and best practices.

This initiative is the result of the involvement of the Polish Wind Energy Association in the creation of a cooperation platform for offshore wind energy developers in Poland. These activities are aimed at creating a harmonious dialogue between the various participants in the industry, which will contribute to sustainable progress in offshore wind energy and increase the safety of future employees. As part of the Group’s work, which is voluntary, many initiatives will be undertaken to increase the level of safety and sustainable development. Activities will focus on training, education, and resources to support the development of future workforce for the entire offshore wind supply chain and, most importantly, prevent accidents at work.

In the face of the growing position of renewable energy sources, everyone agrees that the establishment of the Group is a milestone and this collective initiative takes on a special meaning. The joint work of key players provides a solid foundation for spreading a culture of safety. The prospect of safe work and a sustainable future for offshore wind energy in Poland raises great hopes for a better future.

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