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We play green in the Miłoradz Commune!

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We play green in the Miłoradz Commune!

This spring, we set out on a journey to the Polish preschools and primary schools with our Play green with us!® project. What was our purpose? Together with the educational facilities located at the territories covered by the green investments of the Polenergia Group we want to raise awareness in the areas of ecology, climate protection and environment.

One of the ways to test, but also to expand knowledge in this field is organising competitions, such as the “Renewable Energy Sources” art competition organised by the Primary School of Rev. Jan Twardowski in Kończewice in cooperation with the Group. It aimed at, among others, raising the ecological awareness of primary school students of the Miłoradz Commune, shaping and promoting pro-ecological behaviours of the youth and children in their everyday life and propagating good practices in the area of ecological activities in the local environment. The subject of the competition was to create a poster using any technique, which would promote one of the forms of energy generation: from the sun, wind, water or geothermal sources.

The children demonstrated plenty of ideas to promote activities related to green energy, which truly delighted the jury. There were some heart-tugging slogans, but also some with a pinch of humour. The techniques applied by the students fascinated with their originality, and the execution – with aesthetics and commitment. What’s more, the knowledge demonstrated in the created works is impressive and gives hope for our transition towards a good, green path.

The competition was decided on December 5, when the best works among students in grades I-III, IV-VI and VII-VIII were selected. The prize-giving ceremony was held on December 14. The winners received diplomas and wonderful educational games. A big round of applause to all the students who faced this ecological challenge! We also express our thanks to the teachers involved in making this competition possible. We are happy to Play green together!®

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