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Strategy and key areas of responsibility

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Strategy and key areas of responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility has been applicable in the Company since 2019. The Strategy set certain measurable goals for 2019-2022 in all areas of the Polenergia Group’s business. This document constitutes the basis for the development and operation in the CSR areas for all Group companies.

Announced in May 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy of the Polenergia Group does not only focus on economic development and readiness to shape the future of the energy market, creating safe and low-emission economy, but is also driven by social responsibility for the current and future generations. Polenergia provides for all its stakeholders and places particular importance on social issues and environmental protection. These baselines determine the Group’s approach to conducting business integrating social and environmental issues as well as promoting social responsibility.

The works on updating the Strategy were performed in a few stages. It began with an in-depth survey of employee opinions in order to find out their assessment of the CSR activities undertaken by the Polenergia Group. Through their participation in the survey, the employees had the opportunity to voice the most significant issues which in their opinion should be taken into consideration when preparing the document. According to employees, the most important programs pursued by the Polenergia Group in the sphere of social responsibility are actions for occupational safety and health as well as staff training and development support.

The next stage in the process was a meeting attended by persons managing each area of the Company’s operations. 15 persons, including members of the Management Board, participated in the meeting. It was held in the form of a workshop devoted to an analysis of crucial aspects of sustainable development for the Polenergia Group. During the creation of the new Strategy, opinions expressed by external stakeholders were also taken into consideration. For this purpose, their analysis and mapping was performed. An opinion poll was conducted in key stakeholder groups, including shareholders, banks, suppliers, investors, representatives of local communities, the Supervisory Board, local self-governments, and industry associations.

The Strategy is closely related to the Company’s business strategy and refers to global Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. The document specifies 15 goals and 32 targets to be achieved in four key responsibility areas of the Polenergia Group.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy is about

We ensure Poland’s energy security and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by offering energy from renewable sources. We act in a responsible manner in the entire supply chain: we conduct environmental and OSH audits of the facilities we administer and we incorporate ethical and environmental clauses in contracts with our key subcontractors. We find transparency of dealings and preventing corruption crucial: we stress these issues at employee training courses. We reinforce ethical culture in the organization by increasing employee awareness of the matter and creating the necessary tools for managing these issues (Code of Ethics of the Polenergia Group).

We minimize the environmental impact of our activity by monitoring the effect of the newly delivered projects on the surroundings. We reduce the amount of waste we produce, in particular in the area of office work. We are open to dialog with stakeholders on environmental protection.

Employee safety is our priority. We ensure safety procedures compliant with ISO 18001, we endeavor to fully eliminate severe and fatal accidents as well as occupational diseases among both our employees and our subcontractors. We enable our employees to develop their knowledge and competences through access to training. Our crucial value is diversity and equal opportunities. We systemically manage diversity, guarantee equal opportunities as regards access to senior positions, make efforts to ensure equal pay for men and women. We take measures to prevent discrimination and facilitate returns after maternity or paternity leaves.

We are committed to developing relationships with local communities in the areas of our operation. We are open to dialog and our charity activity focuses on supporting inhabitants of these areas and helping them solve their problems. We take actions aimed to prevent breaches of customer privacy and loss of customer data. We provide complaint mechanisms and efficiently respond to any issues notified by customers and local communities.

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