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New strategy of Polenergia Group 2020-2024

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New strategy of Polenergia Group 2020-2024

Similarly to its shareholders, Polenergia focuses not only on economic growth, but also on social responsibility for current and future generations.

We are the first Polish company that has based its vision entirely on building a zero-emission economy. We believe that transformation of the Polish energy sector requires us to develop completely new business models that will change the way we think about generating, supplying and using energy.

The direction that we follow is the New Energy. We understand it as an ecosystem of innovative solutions based on the foundation of technologically advanced green energy sources and innovative products created in accordance with the Energy 2051 standard that we are developing.

Strategy 2020-2024: development directions

We operate within all the parts of our business model – generation, distribution, trading, sales and new business areas. Our goal is to increase the base of environmentally aware corporate and individual customers who use products compliant with the Energy 2051 standard. Through advanced solutions in the area of energy source integration and balancing, we provide market access to an increasing number of cooperating energy producers. We are also developing competence in services addressed to prosumers and a wide group of individuals and entities interested in the development of electromobility. Our ambition is not just to continue to grow, but also strive to support and actively participate in building the zero-emission economy of tomorrow, to combat climate change and provide security for future generations.

The total capacity of projects developed by Polenergia in partnership with Equinor is 3000 MW. We are the leader in the development of Polish offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea. When they are launched, the Group’s green capacities will surge up and will significantly alter the landscape of the Polish energy sector. In 2021, the President of the Energy Regulatory Office granted the right to cover the negative balance of the so-called “contract for differences” for our two projects, MFW Bałtyk II and MFW Bałtyk III, with the total capacity of 1,440 MW. Thus these projects were included in the first phase of development of offshore wind energy in Poland.

We have a wide portfolio of modern wind and photovoltaic farms with a total capacity of 296 MW. In 2022, we plan to launch additional wind and photovoltaic projects with a capacity of 176 MW. By 2024, we intend to build and commission projects that will take the capacity of RES projects in operation to 579 MW, with 449 MW being in wind power assets. This will enable us to supply green energy to hundreds of thousands of households.

For us, hydrogen is the technology of tomorrow and an opportunity to accelerate Poland’s green transition. We see the potential of hydrogen as the fuel of the future, a key raw material for many industries, as well as an accumulator for energy generated by our green assets. Through participation in key Polish and European initiatives, we are building our competence and secure access to cutting-edge technologies. We are developing a 100 MW large-scale project to produce green hydrogen at an electrolyzer plant powered with green energy, and we are taking a number of steps to make our gas-fired cogeneration plant in Nowa Sarzyna to operate on hydrogen.

The green energy produced by us reaches end customers in the form of products and services, the vast majority of which we develop in accordance with the Energia 2051 standard. Our goal is to maintain our position as a valued expert on the wholesale market, in Poland as well as abroad. We are strengthening the business line that provides generators with access to the market by integrating their green energy sources with business customers. We are developing distribution services combining them with innovative products (e.g. pertaining to electromobility) and we are investing in digital channels of contact with customers.

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