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Dialogue with stakeholders

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Dialogue with stakeholders

Polenergia understands and respects the values cherished by all its stakeholders and therefore it builds confidence in the Company through dialog, which is necessary for maintaining good interpersonal and business relationships.

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By developing projects and constructing new facilities, the Polenergia Group builds relations with local communities and becomes part of them. The cooperation is based on continuous dialog and mutual engagement. Among the various initiatives supported by the Group are educational, cultural, artistic endeavors, promotion of physical activity, prevention of social exclusion, as well as infrastructural projects.

Responsible preparation of an investment project cannot overlook the key dimension, in which business activity is developed in such a way so as to maximize the positive social, environmental and economic effects, whether direct or indirect, and minimize the negative effects.

Stakeholder relations management strategy in the Offshore Wind Farm development area

In the area of managing stakeholder relations, Polenergia takes an approach dedicated to this topic, in which five programs are implemented. One of them is the Marine Competencies Academy dedicated, among others, to the support for the creation and operation of industry training centers, development of university education, substantive cooperation with universities, including the University of Gdańsk. The Polenergia Group also organizes meetings for stakeholders, including representatives of state and local administration.

With respect to Bałtyk II & III projects, workshops for all key project stakeholders were held in 2021. A dialog was also held with potential suppliers for the above projects to provide information about the Polenergia brand, its projects and their importance, to establish contacts, explain the needs and the manner, in which the Group operates.

Stakeholder Engagement Plans

In the investment project preparation phase, the Polenergia Group creates Stakeholder Engagement Plans to formalize communication with project stakeholders and develop a complaint mechanism.

 According to the requirements of the Plans, during the development and operation of each project, Polenergia conducted and continues to conduct internal and external dialog with stakeholders. The internal dialog is based on a routine exchange of information between the Company’s various organizational units and the individuals involved in project development.

Polenergia cares for dialog with Partners and Subcontractors. Before any construction work begins, it conducts training for all companies involved in the construction of the Group’s projects, concerning nature protection, OHS and environmental oversights and the principles of communication with local communities. Consultation centers are organized for local communities in local township offices and at the construction office, where project documentation and contact forms are available along with telephone numbers to the Project Manager, the Site Manager and the Director of the Environmental Protection Department. A transportation plan for oversized construction elements, previously agreed with the local authorities, is always available at a contact point. Such preparation of the construction and requesting that Subcontractors be sensitive to the need for dialog with the local community, the commitment to safety and environmental protection in the project are the foundation of good cooperation and guarantee a conflict-free investment process.

A detailed description of the frequency and the form of contact with external stakeholders and the purpose of such contacts are provided below:

  • notifying the commencement of construction to the Chief Labor Inspectorate,
  • notifying the commencement of construction to the County and Voivodship Construction Supervision Inspectorate,
  • regular communication with townships (for example at the stage of issuing building permits),
  • regular communication with suppliers and subcontractors in order to coordinate construction work,
  • communication with energy distributors to inform them about the commencement of construction works and to arrange meetings,
  • communication with lenders (including EBRD) and other financial institutions operating under the Equator Principles in compliance with the obligations imposed by the financial advisor,
  • regular communication with local communities and residents (residents of neighboring areas, owners of properties leased for wind power plants, etc.).

The key stakeholders of the Polenergia Group include:

  • business partners,
  • employees and collaborators,
  • clients,
  • local communities,

Polish Offshore Wind Sector Deal

In 2021, Polenergia took an active part in the work on the second Sector Deal in the world concluded between the representatives of government administration, investors, businesses interested in building a local supply chain, science and research centers and other sector entities. The ceremony of signing the Deal was hosted by the Ministry of Climate and Environment.


We enter into the “Agreement”

The social engagement of the Company’s business partners and their care for the natural environment are its priorities when creating the supply chain.


Building an ethical supply chain for offshore wind farm projects

Polenergia executes projects in the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea and it is committed to the development of local resources at each stage of the work. It employed Polish contractors for analyses, expert opinions, environment studies and documentation created for the purpose of first location and environmental decisions.


Stakeholder dialogue campaign

In 2014-2016, Polenergia Group carried out the first in Poland comprehensive stakeholder dialog campaign associated with the development of offshore wind farm projects.


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