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Climate impact management

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Climate impact management

One of the key elements of the risk management system in our company is management of ESG risks, including climate risk. The Polenergia Group is taking strategic steps to prevent climate change.

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Group Development Strategy

In 2020, we commenced the implementation of the Group Development Strategy, in which the climate change issue is identified as the basis for the Group’s development. Polenergia wants to grow in a sustainable fashion, based on renewable energy sources, transformation of the energy system towards zero emission and support for the Green Deal policy (achieving emission neutrality by 2050).

ESG Team

Given the importance of the sustainable development area in the Polenergia Group, it is overseen by a Management Board Member, Iwona Sierżęga. Other staff members focusing on the ESG area include: Marta Porzuczek, Director of the Environment and Sustainability Department, and Paulina Makaruk, Director of the Management Board and Administration Office.

Greenhouse gas emissions

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In 2021, Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions linked to the activity of the POLENERGIA S.A. Group were calculated for the first time.

The GHG emissions taken into account included energy emissions arising out of operations of all companies comprising the Group.

Scope 1 (direct GHG emissions):

  • Emissions from combustion of fuel in buildings, installations and vehicles (natural gas, fuel oil, gasoline, Diesel fuel, LPG)
  • Fugitive emissions of refrigerants and other gases

Scope 2 (indirect energy-related GHG emissions):

  • Consumption of electricity purchased

GHG emissions in the POLENERGIA Group are generated primarily by the Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant. Accordingly, the results are presented below in two versions: the total figures and the amounts without emissions from the cogeneration plant.

[Mg CO2e] Emissions w/o Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant Total emissions from the Polenergia Group
Scope 1 61,54 109.960,66
Scope 2 location-based 4,328,90 4.328,90
Scope 2 market-based 3.779,54 3.779,54
Scope 1+2 location-based 4.390,44 114.289,56
Scope 1+2 market-based 3.841,08 113.740,20

Full emissions report

795,566 tons of CO₂

emissions avoided in 2021 (by producing energy from RES and low-emission gas-fired facilities, relative to the same volume of energy produced from coal).

As we develop new projects, such as onshore wind farms and large-scale photovoltaic farms, we assess the impact of our investment projects on climate change and global warming risk, as required by the Act Amending the Act on Sharing Information about the Environment and its Protection, Public Participation in Environmental Protection and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Actions to increase the use of RES

The Polenergia Group is developing the business of selling green energy to end-users, developing prosumer energy generation and electromobility. These actions are supported by the education of customers regarding the necessity to change the energy mix as the indispensable element of preventing climate change

  • developing new RES projects – onshore and offshore wind farms and photovoltaic farms, developing its operations in the gas and clean fuel area, including hydrogen technologies
  • initiating cooperation with cities and companies from energy-intensive industry sectors to propagate green hydrogen, without which energy transition will not be possible
  • agreeing on the key terms of the deal serving the purpose of developing offshore wind power plant projects, which are to be built and operated using the associated infrastructure in the Lithuanian territorial waters of the Baltic Sea.
  • developing an offer for individual clients, which was made possible by the acquisition of Edison Energia; based on that entity two companies were established: Polenergia Fotowoltaika and Polenergia Pompy Ciepła, which will offer private photovoltaic energy sources, energy storage and heat pumps
  • Polenergia Sprzedaż is the first energy company in Poland to receive the TÜV SÜD Polska Sp. z o.o. certificate confirming the highest quality of the green energy sales in the Energy 2051 standard, which assumes that a 100% renewable energy is offered to businesses. The first standard, which is unique on the Polish market, sets the direction for all individual and business electricity consumers who want to achieve a zero-carbon footprint now.
  • Clear identification of the goals, activities and tools in the area of climate/decarbonization policy
  • Expansion of emission measurement and reporting in Scopes 1, 2 and 3
  • Setting objectives for energy efficiency and the percentage of renewable energy in the company’s energy mix
  • Analysis of eligibility of economic activities according to the Taxonomy – climate objectives 1-2
  • Implementation of TCFD guidelines
  • Internal evaluation of climate risks, identification of measures aimed at mitigating risks and seizing opportunities in the future
  • Preparation of scenario analyses in the climate area

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