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Ethics and anti-corruption

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Ethics and anti-corruption

All principles that the Polenergia Group is guided by in its business are communicated by way of its publicly available Environmental and Social Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.

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We find transparency of dealings and preventing corruption crucial: we stress these issues at employee training courses. We reinforce ethical culture in the organization by increasing employee awareness of the matter and creating the necessary tools for managing these issues (The Code of Ethics of the Polenergia Group).

Both the Polenergia Group’s employees and business partners are required to shape the workplace culture compliant with the values laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact Ethics Program.

In 2017 the Polenergia Group adopted the UN Global Compact Ethics Program Standard and since the same year it has participated in the Partnership for the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals “Together for the Environment” established by the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Center.

The Code of Ethics of the Polenergia Group provides for the possibility to notify the Ethics Committee of abuses in this sphere. Our contracts with employees and business partners contain provisions on complying with principles of ethics and caring for the natural environment and local communities.


incidents of anti-corruption and discrimination in 2020.

The Group observes the principles of fair competition when selecting suppliers and contractors and acts in a manner devoid of any attributes of corruption. Moreover, it meets the highest environmental protection and labor standards and expects the same from the entities with which it cooperates.

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