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Development of local communities

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Development of local communities

Initiatives pursued for the benefit and development of local communities are very important to the Group. We are committed to ensuring that the residents of the regions, in which our investment projects are executed, benefit from our presence in their neighborhoods. We communicate clearly that our investments are long-term and that we care for good bilateral relations.

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Our cooperation with the inhabitants is based on continuous dialog and mutual engagement. Such initiatives are pursued mainly by the Group’s project companies, for example in the areas of development, construction, and operation

In its everyday activities, the Group focuses its attention on communities that live in the vicinity of its projects and, above all, on their needs. A particular emphasis is placed on establishing partnership relations and providing assistance. The ongoing cooperation and commitment are intended to maintain good relations and improve the quality of everyday life for local communities.

The Group’s Development Strategy for 2020-2024 as well as the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for 2019-2022 envisage our engagement in activities that create added value for all stakeholders.

In 2020, the Group’s Charity Policy was adopted, which defines:

  • the objectives and methods of implementation of the Group’s corporate social responsibility activities
  • sponsorship and charitable activity areas.

The purpose of the Charity Policy is, among others, to define the activities targeting Polenergia’s external stakeholders – mainly residents of the towns, in which the Group’s projects are implemented and operated.

Among the various initiatives supported by the Group are educational, cultural, artistic, recreational and sports endeavors. Aid is provided also in order to counteract various dimensions of social exclusion and support the execution of infrastructural projects. Additionally, as we implement our investment projects, we try to influence economic development and the labor market of the individual regions, among others by contracting with local businesses.

Number of branches conducting activities for local communities
Total number of the organization’s branches/divisions in Poland. 17
Percentage of branches/divisions in which local community engagement programs have been implemented 100%


In 2021 we provided financial support to a number of cyclical projects such as ecological contests for children, youth sports teams, holiday and rehabilitation camps, we launched the educational project entitled “Books #ForClimate” and donated approximately 750 books to 17 libraries in 13 townships, in which the Group’s investments are located – ones that are already operational and ones that are being developed. We supported local initiatives integrating local communities, such as harvest festivals and local holidays.

The section below contains detailed descriptions of the individual activities undertaken in this respect.

Books for the Climate

The World Wind Day, which falls on 15 June, is a great opportunity to launch Polenergia’s new educational campaign “Books for the Climate”. 750 books which will help readers care for clean air and stop climate changes, will be donated to 17 township and school libraries in the locations where Polenergia executes its green projects.


Training for Charity Leaders

After the charitable activity plan was adopted in 2020, in an effort to make the work of Facility Managers and Project Managers easier and help them identify local needs, the Charity Leaders Workshop was held in February 2021 entitled “How to act locally. Social programs in practice.”


Local activities of the Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant

For many years the Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant has been supporting initiatives that are important for the local community, which translates into excellent relations with local residents.


Our local involvement at Szymankowo Wind Farm


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