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Corporate governance

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Corporate governance

Polenergia S.A., a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, satisfies all requirements in the areas of corporate governance, financial and non-financial reporting, as well as dialog with stakeholders.

  • 102-18

The Company is obliged to comply with the corporate governance principles laid down in the document “Best Practices of WSE Listed Companies 2016”.

Regardless of the corporate governance principles, the Group has adopted the Code of Ethics and has established the Ethics Committee whose tasks include examination of requests submitted by employees. Additionally, there is a whistleblowing system in place.

The main tools
of the Group’s
policy include:

  • reports

    current and periodic

  • regular/quarterly presentations of the Group’s financial results

    for investors and analysts

  • the Company’s website

    with readable sections: Investor Relations (it presents financial results and is dedicated to investors and analysts) and News (it describes the most important market and operational events concerning the Group), which presents the enterprise’s assets, publishes quotations of its shares, etc.

  • a separate section on the Company’s website dedicated to sustainable development

Governance structure

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