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Occupational safety and health

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Occupational safety and health

One of strategic goals of the Polenergia Group is to ensure reliability of installations and safety of its employees, collaborators, local communities, and the natural environment. The Polenergia Group undertakes also to satisfy all requirements of the law and financing institutions and to implement the best industry practices, as well as to continuously develop the occupational safety and health management system.

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Polenergia believes that all accidents at work can be prevented. It also wants to share its experience with the subcontractors and business partners with which it creates safe workplaces: it ensures that the standards implemented in the Group companies are followed also by them. Focusing on occupational safety, Polenergia expects joint efforts in forming accident-free workplace culture in the entire supply chain from its business partners.

All our facilities in operation must satisfy the requirements laid down in the Regulation of the Minister of Economy on occupational safety and health in the vicinity of power engineering equipment. This means that employees must be properly trained in this area and their competence in this area must be verified by an examination and confirmed by appropriate certificates resulting from the Energy Law. Activities performed on power engineering equipment are divided into operations and other activities (e.g. repairs, inspections, measurements, tests, assemblies). Operation is carried out by qualified personnel in compliance with the relevant instructions and all other activities are performed on the basis of an individual work order issued separately for each work.

Number of accidents:

There were zero diagnosed occupational diseases in 2020.

As a result of the pandemic in 2021, all recommendations and measures undertaken since March 2020 were continued.

Key measures
in the fight with
the epidemic:

  • obligatory hand disinfection/hygiene through providing appropriate agents, hygiene products etc.,

  • maintaining the recommended social distance, e.g. administrative and office work performed with a limited, minimum number of employees and, if necessary, work on a rotation basis,

  • replacing business meetings with teleconferences, telephone calls and email contact,

  • recommendation to keep mouth and nose covered in common areas,

  • processes and procedures supporting management of subcontractors as regards containment of the pandemic,

  • purchase of oxygen concentrators for Polenergia Group’s employees and collaborators and their families (concentrators help patients after hospitalization who, following a coronavirus infection, suffered a major lung damage and permanent respiratory failure),

  • in one of the projects, additional examinations were introduced for all participants in the project execution process, and the local Township Hall was supported in testing.

All Polenergia premises are subject to regular OSH inspections and audits. After a review carried out in 2016, the occupational safety and health procedures and instructions were revised for wind farms in operation. In 2018, an audit of the occupational safety and health management system was conducted. Since then, the recommendations have been implemented, a new job in the area of OSH and facility operation analysis has been created, a series of training to increase employee awareness about safety has been organized, and each wind farm within the Group has been equipped with defibrillators. The Group endeavors to continuously increase the standards and wants to have the certainty that its facilities guarantee safe working conditions and are accident-free.

On an annual basis, an external company issues a declaration that the Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant (NSCP) facility satisfies the OSH, fire safety, and environmental protection requirements. NSCP is subjected to an annual analysis of its procedures and instructions in the field of occupational safety and health, fire protection, and environmental protection, e.g. compliance with the Safe Work at NSCP Organizational Instructions, the General OSH Instructions, the Instructions for External Companies Performing Work at NSCP, the Fire Safety Instructions, the Company Operational Emergency Plan, the Failure Prevention Program, and the Risk Assessment and Risk Management System.

Safety in Polenergia in 2021

The following training was carried out in 2021:

  • “Healthy Energy Farm” training series
  • employees of wind farms and photovoltaic farms took part in the training on working at heights, which also covered issues related to personal protective equipment (harnesses, escape systems, etc.).

Defibrillators in Polenergia

Time is of essence when a heart stops.


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