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Environmental impact

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Environmental impact

Polenergia is responsible for protecting the environment and developing sustainable society to ensure the well-being of present and future generations. The Group has always implemented its project in conformity with the highest social, environmental and ethical standards.

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Polenergia meets the requirements of its stakeholders with respect to the environment, health and security areas, which includes the requirements of financial institutions (Equator Principles, IFC standards). By consciously selecting projects that are environmentally-friendly, it has been building the trust of banks and financial institutions. It complies with the local and European environmental protection law, analyzes the impact of the property development, construction and operating activity on the environment, maintains its emission limits and keeps accurate reporting.

Polenergia is engaged in environmental campaigns. In 2021, it took part, among others, in the UNEP GRID Green Ribbon for the Planet program, in which it rebuilt ecosystems, sowed honey meadows and planted several hundred trees. The Company also was active in the Gift for the Planet campaign, participating in the cleaning of the beach near the Sobieszewska Island. More details on the individual activities to support protection of the environment and biodiversity are available in the biodiversity tab.

Environmental laws and regulations

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Compliance with the applicable environmental laws and regulations is key for us. In 2021, no non-compliance with the above laws and regulations has occurred in the Polenergia Group.

Key raw materials and fuels used in 2020:

In 2021, the Polenergia Group reduced significantly the volume of consumption of natural gas as compared to previous years. This was due to a change of the production profile and the market situation.

Electricity and heat produced and sold

The volume of electricity produced in 2021 decreased clearly as compared to 2020. The amount of heat produced was at a similar level.

Electricity and heat produced [1] 2020 results 2021 results
EC Nowa Sarzyna EL Mercury EC Nowa Sarzyna
Electricity produced [MWh] 850 597 35 826 209 508
Heat produced [GJ] 439 495 0 469 557
Electricity and heat sold [1] 2020 results 2021 results
EC Nowa Sarzyna EL Mercury EC Nowa Sarzyna
Electricity sold [MWh] 833 253 31 274 204 233
Heat sold [GJ] 430 473 0 459 441


Water processed and reused

The volume of water processed and reused increased significantly year-on-year. The method of using such water did not change but the weather conditions in 2021 (more rainfall) allowed the Company to store more rainwater and therefore use more of it for process purposes.

Generation of waste and significant effects related to waste

The volume of waste generated by group companies in connection with the operation of facilities are related mainly to operational maintenance. The majority of operational companies contract maintenance services from external (maintenance) companies on the basis of long-term maintenance contracts. According to the Act on Waste, such waste is treated as waste produced by the maintenance companies and are reported by its owner (the maintenance company).

The activities undertaken to minimize the volume of waste generated include: care for the technical condition of machinery and equipment and timely maintenance, which prevents leaks or damages

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