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Training for Charity Leaders

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Training for Charity Leaders

After the charitable activity plan was adopted in 2020, in an effort to make the work of Facility Managers and Project Managers easier and help them identify local needs, the Charity Leaders Workshop was held in February 2021 entitled “How to act locally. Social programs in practice.” The workshop had been designed to improve the knowledge of the people who build local relations with Polenergia’s Stakeholders and help them answer the question of how to plan local social activities. The workshop was attended by nearly 30 Group employees who are tasked with the co-creation of activities and conduct dialog with local communities in the phase of development and operation of the Group’s projects.

The goal of the workshop was not only to learn about social engagement, but also:

  • to share the knowledge on the methods and opportunities for acting locally,
  • to inspire the participants into action to the benefit of local communities through examples and experiences of charitable activities undertaken by other organizations,
  • to discuss the past projects from the standpoint of value for the local community and the company,
  • to develop a common model of activity,
  • to pay attention to the implementation of projects supporting diversity (including action directed to women and girls, for example support for amateur womens sports clubs, or local initiatives organized by women).

The knowledge obtained during the workshop helped the employees responsible for implementing charitable policies to decide on the development of long-term programs and long-term cooperation with local leaders in the towns where the projects are located. Long-term activities do not only concern the building of infrastructure elements in local townships, but also entail long-lasting relations with townships/villages where infrastructure projects were implemented. Examples include renovation of community center, and in the following years organization of events associated with the center’s operation and local events. Such implementation of the charity policy will contribute to the perception of the Polenergia Group as a good neighbor and a long-term Partner for the local communities.

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