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Szymankowo Wind Farm is ready

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Szymankowo Wind Farm is ready

The Szymankowo Wind Farm has already produced over 30 GWh of green electricity. The 38 MW project was officially completed just a month ago.

11 wind turbines were erected in Miłoradz Commune in just 16 months. These are some of the largest windmills in Poland as the height from the ground to the highest point of the blades is as much as 200 meters. Using wind energy, the Szymankowo Wind Farm will produce over 120 GWh of clean electricity per year, which means that the power plant can potentially supply as many as 60,000 households. Over the next 30 years, the production of zero-emission energy will exceed 3,600 GWh and our environment will avoid more than 3 million tons of harmful CO₂ in the atmosphere. It is worth harnessing the potential of free wind and produce as much clean energy as possible.

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