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Solar powers of Polenergia rise by 242 percent

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Solar powers of Polenergia rise by 242 percent

Polenergia launched the two portfolios of photovoltaic projects - Sulechów II and Sulechów III of 22 MWp capacity. Thus, the total capacity of green operating assets increases by more than 7 percent up to 318 MW. The Group strengthens its position among the leaders that actively support transformation of the Polish energy market by developing the Renewable Energy Sources.

The Sulechów II and Sulechów III Photovoltaic Farm Complex is the second and third solar investment by Polenergia. It consists of 22 photovoltaic installations, each of up to 1 MW capacity. The installations are located in the Kruszyna locality, Sulechów Commune, Lubuskie Province. 45 hectares are covered with more than 40 photovoltaic modules. The capacity of a single double-sided solar panel is 540 Wp. The construction stage spanned between June 2021 and January 2022. Use permit for the investment was obtained in April 2022.

The contractor of the construction works was the P&Q company, while Bilfinger Tebodin Poland served as the Contract Engineer at the investment implementation stage. Domestic share of the producers in the supply chain exceeded 50 percent. The contract implementation covered among others the use of: 725 tonnes of steel for bearing structure, 171 thousand of screws and clamp caps, 230 km of direct current cables, 44 km of medium and low voltage cables and 88 photovoltaic inverters.

The strategic goal of Polenergia is to actively participate in the energy transformation process - to enable Group's development on the perspective market, increase our production capacities in the area of pure Renewable Energy Sources and supply energy to the growing number of business and individual customers. As one of the market leaders we believe that diversification of energy sources - both in terms of technology and geography - is the essence of, such important nowadays, energy security. That is why we implement both the industrial-scale photovoltaic projects - such as in Sulechów - and smaller scale projects tailored to the needs of dispersed prosumer energy. What's important, we also develop the onshore and offshore wind farms, hydrogen technologies and electromobility. The energy of the future will look completely different than today and such change requires numerous and necessary technologically advanced investments and activities of all involved market actors.

Piotr Maciołek

Member of the Management Board of Polenergia Group

The Sulechów Commune became the photovoltaic basin of Polenergia This is where the company launched its first Sulechów I Photovoltaic Farm project of 8 MWp capacity in 2019. Nowadays, the commune hosts another two investments, in effect of which the total capacity of photovoltaic farm complex in Sulechów increased to nearly 30 MWp. Implementation of the solar projects of Polenergia in this location would not be possible without model cooperation with the local government.

I am deeply satisfied that the Sulechów Commune became the location encouraging development of renewable solar energy. We should note that the project was implemented in a fast pace. We commenced the two stages of photovoltaic farms' construction in our commune less than a year ago and today we may already attend the official completion of these investments. Financial inducements from taxes, which will directly translate into higher comfort of life of the Sulechów citizens, cannot be underestimated. I would also like to draw attention to the constructive cooperation and model communication between Polenergia and local government. I believe that positive relations translate into willingness to act together, which is proved also by the involvement of Polenergia in providing social and community aid in the commune, for which I express my most sincere thanks to the company's Management Board and Staff.

Wojciech Sołtys

Commune Head and Mayor of Sulechów

The Photovoltaic Farm Complexes in Sulechów obtained the guaranteed 15-year auctioning support. The planned annual production of pure and green energy reaches nearly 32 GWh, which corresponds to the annual demand for power of 16 thousand households. Implementation of the projects will allow avoiding the emission of even 27 thousand tonnes of CO2, 23 tonnes of SO2, 27 tonnes of NOX, 8 tonnes of CO and nearly 2 tonnes of particulate matter. The estimated installation life-cycle exceeds 25 years, which corresponds to the accumulated production of approx. 860 GWh.

In the third quarter of this year, Polenergia intends to commence another project of Photovoltaic Farms – Buk. The investment is located at the area of the Buk Commune in the Greater Poland Province. It consists of 7 solar installations of total capacity of approx. 7 MWp. The construction stage will cover two photovoltaic projects supported under the RES auctions performed in December 2021 – Świebodzin I PF and Strzelino PF of total capacity of 56 MW. The Świebodzin II PF project of the total capacity of 10.5 MWp is also ready for construction.


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