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Polish Offshore Wind Sector Deal

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Polish Offshore Wind Sector Deal

In 2021, Polenergia took an active part in the work on the second Sector Deal in the world concluded between the representatives of government administration, investors, businesses interested in building a local supply chain, science and research centers and other sector entities. The ceremony of signing the Deal was hosted by the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

The Deal was signed after more than one-year cooperation of industry players, which worked in six competence areas to develop assumptions for the further development of offshore wind energy in Poland. These areas are reflected in the accepted strategic objectives and include assumptions for staff development and education system, research and development, development of the Polish industry and participation of Polish enterprises, logistics of the port hinterland areas and impact on coastal regions, social education and cooperation between stakeholders. Group 6 pertaining to cooperation with stakeholders was conducted and managed by Polenergia’s representative.

Moreover, in 2021 we started a broader planned organizational campaign, which opened with a presentation of project assumptions during the information meeting for the administration.

As part of the launch of the second development phase of the MFW Bałtyk II and MFW Bałtyk III projects, on 27 October an information meeting was held in Gdansk for representatives of public administration authorities, which will be involved in the broadly-defined decision and permit issuance process related to the development of the offshore wind energy sector in Poland.

The meeting brought together more than 60 participants from 26 institutions and was an opportunity to present detailed information on the current stage of project development, the planned investment schedule and reveal key technological elements that will be applied in specific elements of the projects. Transparent communication and the building of opportunities to gain the broadest possible knowledge on innovative projects in the emerging offshore wind energy sector, coupled with open dialog with stakeholders, are key aspects of the investment process. The commenced dialog will continue as part of the broad information policy for individual projects and companies. In 2022, we plan to continue the dialog, targeting it to other stakeholder groups.

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