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Puck Wind Farm

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Puck Wind Farm

Puck Wind Farm (Dipol Sp. z o.o.) is located in Gnieżdżewo Gmina, Puck Poviat, Pomorskie Voivodeship. Puck WF was put into operation in 2007.

22 MW

capacity of Puck WF

23 tys.

Number of households that may be potentially powered with energy from the farm

The configuration of Puck WF includes 11 Gamesa G87 2 MW turbines, each 78 m high and with rotor diameter of 87 m, main electrical substation, underground transmission line infrastructure and access roads to each turbine. Total capacity of Puck WF is 22 MW. The farm is owned by Dipol Sp. z o.o., a special purpose vehicle 100% owned by Polenergia.

In all wind farms, after they are delivered for operation, post-construction monitoring of the impact of the turbines on birds and bats is carried out. The results of the 3-year research program, compliant with industry practices and decision on environmental conditions, are sent to competent authorities and to the communes where the projects are located. In the case of the Puck Wind Farm, no negative impact on the analyzed species was identified.

All emissions are subject to environmental supervision and are subject to pertinent industry authorizations and agreements. This pertains to both noise emissions, electromagnetic fields and waste management by in-house or external services, and water and sewage management.

No penalties were imposed on the company and no inspection was carried out on its premises in 2020.

Ornithological and chiropterological observations and noise measurement were carried out from the start of operation in 2007 until 2012.


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Support for emergency services

All the facilities of Polenergia support local fire stations -the employees’ safety depends on these. Also the Puck Wind Farm is involved in supporting emergency services from its area.


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