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Mercury Power Plant

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Mercury Power Plant

The Mercury Power Plant is located in Wałbrzych, Dolnośląskie Voivodeship, and is owned by Mercury Energia Sp. z o.o. and Wspólnicy Sp.k. The project is executed under a contract with Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze Victoria S.A. The Mercury Power Plant started generating electricity at the beginning of July 2006.

approx. 8 MWe

capacity of the power unit

The power unit consists of a gas boiler and a steam turbine with a capacity of approximately 8 MWe. Electricity is generated from coke-oven gas, formed as a byproduct during coke production in the WZK Victoria S.A. coking plant. The Mercury Power Plant collects gas and supplies electricity under a contract with WZK Victoria S.A., valid till December 2023. Surplus energy is sold to the grid of Polenergia Obrót S.A. – a wholesale buyer of energy.

The Mercury Power Plant has all the authorizations required to operate in compliance with environmental protection regulations.

In 2020, no fines were imposed on the company and no inspection was carried out at its facility.

The Mercury Power Plant is located at the site of a former power plant from early 1900s. The facility was built in 1940s and after WWII it was the biggest power plant in Poland (until Turów was built). The Mercury Power Plant is located at the site of Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze. In 2004, the idea was put forward to utilize waste coke-oven gas which was no longer collected by the city of Wałbrzych. After the power installation was built in 2006 the Mercury Power Plant launched its operations.

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