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Polenergia develops photovoltaics

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Polenergia develops photovoltaics

All projects submitted by Polenergia S.A. won RES auctions for new photovoltaic power plants by the end of 2020. The PV project portfolio: Sulechów II, Sulechów III and Buk I with the total capacity of 28 MWp will receive support for 15 years. This is another step towards zero-emission economy and a “greener” future of Poland.

Polenergia will soon launch the development of 29 photovoltaic installations with the total capacity of 28 MWp. The Sulechów II Photovoltaic Farm project will be financed with the participation of ING Polska, and the Sulechów III Photovoltaic Farm and Buk Photovoltaic Farm with the participation of mBank S.A. The value of the signed loan agreements exceeds PLN 61 million. The construction was entrusted to ONDE S.A. and P&Q Sp. z o.o. Thanks to these projects, the total capacity of our photovoltaic farms will increase over the next 12 months by as much as 350 percent. The annual production of clean electricity in the new photovoltaic farms will be approx. 32 GWh, which corresponds to the demand for electricity of 16 thousand families. This will make it possible to avoid 28 thousand tons of dangerous greenhouse gases annually.

The new photovoltaic farms will be not only places for production of green energy. In the project site, 38 ha of honey meadows will be created to enhance local biodiversity. As can be seen on the example of Poland’s first photovoltaic apiary set up by Polenergia in Sulechów last year, the increase in the population of pollinators using the new flower meadows is impressive!

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