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Łeba is 665 years old

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Łeba is 665 years old

Polenergia and Equinor together with Łeba celebrated the 665th anniversary of granting city rights. Residents and tourists could visit our stand and ask questions about offshore wind farms. One of many attractions was the opportunity to prepare a delicious cocktail in a blender powered by an ecological energy generator – a special bike.

Polenergia, together with Equinor, is implementing investments in the Baltic Sea and in the near future will begin construction of the wind farm projects OWF Bałtyk II and OWF Bałtyk III with a total capacity of 1440 MW. Łeba became the center of offshore wind energy and the operations of Equinor and Polenergia in the Baltic Sea. In 2025, a base and service port will be launched here, which will service nearly 100 wind turbines.

665 years is a long history and a beautiful tradition, but we also look to the future, and for Łeba it is, among others, offshore wind energy. Thanks to the OWF Bałtyk II and OWF Bałtyk III projects implemented by Equinor and Polenergia, Łeba will become the center of offshore wind energy in Poland, the city will gain another development impulse and new jobs will be created - not only in Łeba, but also in the entire region.

Andrzej Strzechmiński

Andrzej Strzechmiński

During the Days of Łeba, residents and tourists visited the stand of Polenergia and Equinor in large numbers. They could have asked questions about renewable wind energy and offshore wind farms of the OWF Bałtyk II and the OWF Bałtyk III. Many people were surprised how effective offshore wind turbines are. Just one rotation of the rotor is enough to produce clean electricity that meets the needs of one household for 4 days.

Visitors to the stand could have also seen for themselves how renewable energy sources work by preparing a delicious cocktail using a blender powered by an ecological energy generator – a special bike.

We feel good energy in Łeba, which allows us to develop our Baltic projects. Without good cooperation with local stakeholders and without cooperation with foreign partners - we would not be a pioneer and one of the leaders of the new offshore market in Poland today, which supports environmental protection and changes the Polish economy towards a better, zero-emission one.

Maciej Stryjecki

Director of the Offshore Wind Farm Department of the Polenergia Group

The implementation of the OWF Baltic II and OWF Baltic III projects will not only provide a renewable and efficient source of energy, it will also intensify the development of Łeba thanks to new investments and new jobs.

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