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Second meeting of the Lesław Paga Foundation

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Second meeting of the Lesław Paga Foundation

We are on the eve of the second meeting with young people interested in the power industry during the 9th edition of the Energy Academy, in which we are a strategic partner!

The Academy is organized by the Lesław A. Paga Foundation. This time, the classes will be run by experts from Polenergia Obrót – Jarosław Bogacz, Rafał Barchanowski and Andrzej Brożek. The central theme will be energy transformation in Europe and Poland. Workshop participants will learn about the determinants of the wholesale energy market, tools and mechanisms supporting low-emission transformation and long-term assumptions of the EU climate and energy policy. In addition, issues pertaining to projections of the work of a decarbonized electricity system will be discussed.

See you next Saturday!

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