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Support for emergency services

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Support for emergency services

All the facilities of Polenergia support local fire stations -the employees’ safety depends on these. Also the Puck Wind Farm is involved in supporting emergency services from its area.

At the end of March 2021,  the Puck Wind Farm co-financed the purchase of Terminal-ST status monitor for the fire engine of the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Gnieżdżewo. Having such a device at their disposal, the Voluntary Fire Service may communicate more easily with the State Fire Brigade’s dispatcher and reach the action site more quickly and without errors. Due to the GPS system, the firefighters may be sure that they will arrive at the right place as soon as possible. In small villages, it is usually firefighters from the Voluntary Fire Service who reach the action site first, that is why the financial aid for purchasing modern equipment is so important.

For several years, the Puck Wind Farm provides access to its wind turbines to the State Fire Brigade from Puck and  the Specialist Group of High Altitude Rescue from Gdynia so that the services may conduct specialized training at heights. The purpose of the regular training is to familiarize the participants with an unusual place of saving life and improving the skills of working at high altitudes. The activity was selected by the Responsible Business Forum as an example of good long-term industry practices and published in the annual report “Responsible Business in Poland. Best practices”



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