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Planting of greenery

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Planting of greenery

Increasing the number of trees is an important element of the Green Deal, the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 announced in May 2020 and of climate change prevention.

On 5 June 2021, on the World Environment Day, the Polenergia Group joined the “Green Ribbon #ForThePlanet” initiative implemented by UNEP/GRID-Warsaw. The purpose of this annual campaign is to educate the public on the key environmental challenges. This year’s edition is focused on the “Ecosystem Restoration” topic in accordance with the relevant UN resolution, while the years 2021-2030 were declared by the United Nations as the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. As part of the Green Ribbon for the Planet Partnership, the Polenergia Group has implemented a long-term program for biodiversity, in which greenery was planted in the townships, in which the Group’s facilities are located.

Overall, in 2021 Polenergia planted 600 trees and bushes in parks, squares and around public utility buildings. The planting accompanied the construction of new wind farms: Szymankowo, Dębsk and Kostomłoty.

The first stage of the program was implemented in the Żuromin township where the Dębsk Wind Farm is currently being constructed. On 21 April 2021, 135 trees and bushes were planted in the Żuromin township, in a park at ul. Lidzbarska 135 in Żuromin. All the planting locations have been consulted with the representatives of the Żuromin City and Township Office and the trees and shrubs were selected by a nature scientist in such a way that they are the best fit for the local bird species and provide them with appropriate food. In order to ensure the best quality, the greenery was planted by a professional company specializing in the design and comprehensive development of land, was conducted under environmental supervision and the selected plants were local species ordered and purchased form a local supplier from Żuromin. When implementing initiatives of this type, the Polenergia Group always makes efforts to support local businesses.

The second stage of the greenery planting program was executed in the spring of 2021 in the Miłoradz township in the villages of Gnojewo and Kończewice, where approx. 70 new plants were planted: sour cherry, golden chain tree, coneflowers, catnips, false goat’s beard or plantain lilies. The location of the plants had been agreed upon with the representatives of the Miłoradz Township Office. The trees and bushes were selected by the same company as in the first stage, which also planted the greenery. The plants were selected so as to meet the needs of local communities and create a space that is not just nice, but also where people are more willing to spend time together.

Additional stages of the greenery planting program were executed in the fall of 2021 in the area of the Kostomłoty township (at a nursery) where the Polenergia Group is currently building the Kostomłoty Wind Farm, and in the area of the Żuromin township (Dębsk Wind Farm – completion of the second stage of the park revitalization project).

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