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Pegasus Shelter powered by solar energy

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Pegasus Shelter powered by solar energy

The largest installer of photovoltaic systems in Poland – Polenergia Fotowoltaika – has donated a 15 kWp solar power plant to the Pegasus Shelter. This is another charity installation carried out under the Good Power by Polenergia programme.

Polenergia Fotowoltaika, together with its partners and providers under Good Power by Polenergia, performs free of charge charity installations for various non-profit institutions. To this date, we have delivered solar power plants for, among others, the Orphanage of the Order of the Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary in Warsaw, the Mother Veronica Orphanage in Siennica and the Orphanage in Jasieniec Iłżecki Dolny.

Our company's strategy has always focused on supporting those most in need. This time we decided to help the oldest shelter for farm animals in Poland. Our team assembled a 15 kWp photovoltaic installation, which will allow the Pegasus Shelter to greatly reduce the costs of electric energy.

Kamil Sankowski

member of the Management Board of Polenergia Fotowoltaika

The Pegasus Shelter is located 40 km from Warsaw near Grodzisk Mazowiecki. It hosts nearly 140 animals on ca. 50 ha. The asylum mainly shelters horses, but also goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, dogs, cats and even raccoons.

The Pegasus Shelter has so far paid approx. PLN 1000 per month for electricity. The bills were too high and we had to drastically reduce our energy consumption. We used a free-standing stove, which provided heating for only one room. Water in the stable often froze. We had to refuse empathic integration classes to the groups of children, since there was no place we could go with them. Now all this will change - and this will certainly be a change for the better.

Agata Geilke

Agata Geilke

The solar power plant installed at the shelter consists of 38 Jinko Solar modules provided by the Menlo Electric company, one of the fastest-growing distributors of photovoltaic panels. An inverter donated by FoxESS, a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters, is in charge of the proper operation of the entire system and the safety of the installation. The photovoltaic installation was designed on a ground structure, at a 30-degree angle. Installed capacity of 15 kWp will allow for production of 13 MWh of pure green energy per year and will bring real savings to the Pegasus Shelter over the next few decades.

Energy produced by the installation will bring savings of approx. PLN 11 thousand per year. We guarantee that this installation will operate for at least 25 years, which translates into real savings of PLN 275 thousand. These savings will contribute to the better quality of life of the animals and exciting new initiatives of the Pegasus Shelter.

Dominika Chaberska

Head of the Project Department of Polenergia Fotowoltaika

A video of the installation is available on Polenergia Group’s YouTube Channel

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