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Our local involvement at Szymankowo Wind Farm

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Our local involvement at Szymankowo Wind Farm

As part of our community involvement, we implemented a number of activities in the Miłoradz commune, where we are building our Szymankowo Wind Farm.

During the construction, which started in 2020, we supported local initiatives and help the community of the Miłoradz commune where the Szymankowo Wind Farm is located. Initiatives pursued for the benefit and development of local communities are extremely important to us and are based on continuous dialog and mutual engagement.

In the Miłoradz commune, we supported financially many important events organized by the Commune Center for the residents. Initiatives increasing inclusion and integrating local communities are very valuable.

They included, among others, the Social Awards Gala, which was attended by nearly 140 people, and Family Picnics. The latter are very popular among the commune residents and build good relations between them. Nearly 700 people attended two editions of the picnics.

In accordance with our local involvement strategy, we also support initiatives promoting fitness and physical activity. This is why we were willing to provide financial support to organizers of the 2nd Żuławy Nordic Walking Run and Walk, which was attended by more than 150 runners. Together with viewers, the whole event gathered over 800 people.

We also got involved in education activities for the youngest. In the 2020/2021 school year, we helped organize additional activities for children from the Elementary School in Kończewice and in the School and Kindergarten Complex in Miłoradz. They included, among others, additional English lessons, activities with modern IT and education technologies and music, art and dance activities.

We are committed to the protection of culture and preservation of local heritage; this is why we helped the “Creative Kończewice” Association to publish a book “It Is Us, Kończewice”. The book presents the history of the village and the families from the Kończewice area. It was written at the initiative of Sławomir Zirra, who is a resident of Kończewice and the principal of the local elementary school.  Through our support, the books will be provided free of charge to libraries and to each family residing permanently in Kończewice.

We also renovated the local Remembrance Square in Gnojewo and had greenery planted there. We executed similar greenery areas in Kończewice. Through such activities, we take care of local ecosystems and improve the quality of life for residents. The greenery areas: green squares or “pocket parks” offer rest to residents and integrate them.

We also did not forget the needy before the holiday season. During the 2020 Christmas Holidays, we worked with the Miłoradz Commune authorities to help the families that needed it the most as part of the Noble Package campaign. We prepared Christmas gifts for them together with our partners, SGRE Bilfinger and ONDE.

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