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Nine years of the Montagu’s Harrier conservation project

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Nine years of the Montagu’s Harrier conservation project

The Polenergia Group has been supporting the Montagu’s Harrier conservation Program since 2014, implementing at the same time the Sustainable Development Goals and the EU biodiversity protection strategy. As part of protective measures, ornithologists, in agreement with Polenergia, prepare fencing around the harriers' nests so that they are not damaged during the harvest or other agricultural work. Since the beginning of the Program implementation, 87 young birds have been saved.

Thanks to the ornithologists’ monitoring we know that two nests of this rare species of the hawk family were protected in the area of WF Modlikowice and WF Łukaszów in 2022. In July, 4 young birds flew out of these nests. In the Kostomłoty commune, ornithologists secured with a net 3 harriers’ nests. Eight birds took off to adulthood. All young birds have been ringed by ornithologists. Thanks to that it will be possible to follow their further life and journeys.

Montagu’s Harriers are one of the smaller birds of prey in Europe. It is characterized by setting up nests in the middle of cereal fields or other tall crops. This species is under strict protection, it is included in the red list of species with an indication that it requires active protection. Due to the place where nests are established, the Montagu’s Harriers’ broods are particularly endangered. These birds inhabit almost all Europe during the summer. For winter they migrate to eastern Africa – south of the Sahara (northern and eastern European population), as also to eastern Africa and India. Montagu’s Harriers come to Polish breeding grounds in the second decade of April or in the first half of May. They leave Polish land between August and October.

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