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Stakeholder dialog campaign

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Stakeholder dialog campaign

In 2014-2016, Polenergia Group carried out the first in Poland comprehensive stakeholder dialog campaign associated with the development of offshore wind farm projects.

The first stage of the campaign involved the analysis of risk of potential social and environmental conflicts related to the preparation and implementation of MFW Bałtyk III. In this stage the key stakeholders were identified and a multiple-stage information and consultation process addressed to each target group was planned. The activities included among others: individual meetings, meetings with fishing organizations, presentations during local government sessions, knowledge contests for children from primary schools and information points.

The Regional and General Directors for Environmental Protection and the Maritime Authority in Słupsk were important partners in the dialog and the process of preparing environmental impact assessments and the scope of studies on the impact of the project. The reports for offshore wind farms were also based on environmental studies. The methodology and scope of the studies and impact assessments were discussed and consulted with the relevant authorities, with the participation of domestic and international experts. That was the first such a comprehensive and long-term research program for investment projects in the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea. Polenergia ensured transparent and widespread communication of its activities through thematic project websites. It presented and explained the impact of the project on the environment, society and local economy. After the results of the research and impact assessment were presented, the company accepted comments, responded to questions and made sure to obtain positions of the relevant administration authorities.

The campaign for MFW Bałtyk III lasted from November 2014 to November 2015. All activities were carried out in close cooperation with local opinion leaders and partner organizations. In 2016, Polenergia launched another social campaign and presented another project, MFW Bałtyk II. Within the framework of these activities, meetings were also organized with local governments, maritime administration, fishermen community and residents.

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