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Student education and team integration – NSCP

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Student education and team integration – NSCP

Guided by the best practices and the intention to educate the future staff in the energy sector, Polenergia Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant has been organizing free student internships and apprenticeships and enabling demonstrations of the operation of a steam and gas unit, in particular for students of technical schools and universities for many years.

Summer internships create the opportunity to find out what exactly a power generating facility is and what it takes to work in it. Through such initiatives, the Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant helps to educate high quality specialists in the field of power engineering. In 2019, 2 students of higher education institutions participated in one-month internships, 1 student of a higher education institution took part in a two-month apprenticeship, and 4 students of technical high schools underwent internships. In 2019, a group of students and teachers from the Construction Trade and General Education Combined Schools in Jarosław and the Center for Vocational and Lifelong Learning in Jarosław got acquainted with the operation of a gas-fired cogeneration plant.

The Company also puts a strong emphasis on integrating its team and has been organizing meetings outdoors for its employees and their families for many years.

In June 2019, an annual family picnic was held at the Cyziówka Training and Leisure Center in Kamionka with the participation of around 130 people. At the event, the participants were offered the following entertainments to choose from: a rope park zone, a Tyrolean slide-down, kinetic sand and 3D pen activities, construction of family structures, a children’s zone (pneumatic recreation devices and games), a field game, and a series of family games and competitions.

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