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Firefighter training exercises – Puck Wind Farm

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Firefighter training exercises – Puck Wind Farm

Since 2017, training exercises of firefighters from the “Gdynia” Work-At-Height Rescue Service are held every year within the Puck Wind Farm premises. These exercises were organized for the third time at the Farm in 2019.

They focus on familiarizing firefighters with the rules of contact at a wind farm, the OSH rules, as well as the functioning and operation of wind turbines. Moreover, techniques and climbing equipment used by staff in emergency situations, when it is necessary to perform quick evacuation, are presented. The scenario of practical exercises involves an evacuation of people from the gondola to the ground using various climbing techniques.

The exercises cover also practical verification of the degree of preparation of the facility for rescue and firefighting activities and development of firefighting tactics on electrical installations in a 2 MW wind farm”. The training is aimed at verifying the procedures of conduct in the event of a fire, alarm and evacuation, inspecting the organization of the communication system and extinguishing stations, as well as exercising evacuation of injured persons from heights and on-site assistance.

Polenergia Group companies are always willing to assist the organizers of this type of training events. Cooperation with the State Fire Service and other services that watch our safety is a very important element in the pursuit of their strategy to ensure safety in the workplace. Polenergia’s goal is to increase employee awareness and make our staff realize that we all share the responsibility for occupational safety and health. The company would also like to share its experience with subcontractors and business partners.

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