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Cleaning the Baltic beaches

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Cleaning the Baltic beaches

How often do we wonder about the important role of seas and oceans in our ecosystem? The answer is not really optimistic. Vast majority of us dedicates little time to this issue. If we even think about it at all, it usually crosses our mind during summer holiday at the sea.

Each day we should remind that seas and oceans account for 71 percent of the area of our Blue Planet. They produce majority of available oxygen and regulate the Earth climate. They underlie many sectors of the economy, such as tourism or fisheries and host thousands different maritime flora and fauna species.

This is why Polenergia joins the actions associated with cleaning the Polish beaches - since Baltic is beautiful and thanks to joint cleaning it will become ever more beautiful.

In May 2022, we sent a proposal to the Ustka City Office to clean the city beach. Our initiative was warmly welcomed and gained a positive response. We received consent for waste collection and a recommendation of an optimal route crossing the beach as well as the adjoining municipal forests and bicycle roads. The combined forces of the Department of Offshore Wind Farms and divisions supporting the offshore development in Polenergia formed two task groups: the maritime and forest groups and – armed with gloves, pickers and bags -embarked upon to collect all waste on the route. After more than two hours, all gathered in a meeting spot specified by the City to handle all collected waste.  In total, we collected 20 bags of paper, glass and plastic, which were completely undesired in the coastal landscape.

The June cleaning action in the eastern part of the Vistula Spit was carried out together with UNEP/GRID-Warszawa under the RE:GENERATION project and Green Ribbon #ForthePlanet partnership. At the 10 km long section from Piaski to Krynica Morska, we collected as many as 140 kg of waste in the valuable coastal ecosystems.

The Baltic should be protected. The sea should be grateful for each piece of litter collected on the beach, not only during holiday
Together we can do everything!

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